Comic Book Review: The Wicked + The Divine #31


After the events of the issue before, this week the hope was to see their push to find Sakhmet, to get this machine rolling, or make us fear the great darkness again. These are gods peaking and aside from that one blood thirsty god who has always been that way it is time to see the others feeling an end. Not to say everything up til now hasn’t been cool, because half the fun right now is what freedom they express after choosing the path they wanted to walk.

Out of the three chosen paths, I must say those looking for answers is where I find myself more drawn-in. Surely plenty of others as well if they have been the main focus for most of the story so far. Despite the obstacles on their road to knowledge, they are pushing for something that changes everything about their history as a Pantheon of Gods. What drama they face inbetween is also interesting when there has been so much to learn about Woden, Cass and Dio. These three have so much about them written on their sleeves, but there’s so much they don’t allow anyone to see or just can’t because of who they are. They certainly aren’t the kind to mince words with each other which cuts a lot of the cat and mouse interactions that could run dry. Especially when that moment comes and they caught us off guard to the obvious worst case scenario when trying to get this machine working.

Like I had hoped, they did push for something to happen with Sakhmet. It’s not that I don’t like her, but I also like to see things happen and I feel like this is a fork in the road that would hold key characters back from doing what they should be doing at a time like this. This was a chilling build-up to a confrontation because this isn’t Lucifer. Much can go right if they pulled this off, but so much more could go wrong if they failed to capture Sakhmet with the ball in their court. Now with that said, I don’t think I was prepared for what it meant to push forward with stopping Sakhmet on her own. That was not a scene to erase from your mind, and certainly not how you might have pictured the encounter the most. For the first time in a while they are bringing the fear factor back into this story, and surprisingly it wasn’t just from her actions.

“Everything continues to be lovely for the gods in ‘IMPERIAL PHASE'”. If I wasn’t having a panic-attack at what happened here, I would almost laugh at the bit of sarcasm they left for us leading up to this issue release.

Compared to some of the issues before, this is visually one of the more lively chapters of The Wicked + The Divine.A lot was going on here that you take notice of whether it is the current mental state of Dio, the humorous body language of Woden that created one of the most entertaining moments so far, or a fight that turned into your worst fear for the ‘IMPERIAL PHASE’. That horrific scene they created was hard to look at, and just not for the feint of heart. If there was a way to say that **** is going south, this was how you do it and McKelvie wasn’t afraid to get into detail. The most gruesome death we have seen up to this point was the death of Ananke, some might call that one overkill. This one her was as inhumane as it gets. The only compliment I could give without slapping myself is that the color work was ace for the amount of blood thrown onto the page without overpowering the pain and dying of a light. Well that and being impressed by whoever thought of the symbolic shape they left on the last page. Matthew Wilson seriously outdoes himself every time. It blows me away with the colors he brings to life when it comes to the display of someone’s powers like Dio. You can just tell he gets a kick out of creating that hivemind effect.

You ask and you receive right? Mind my language but shit happened and shit really hit the fan, or the floor if you want to be technical. The Wicked + The Divine #31 got some wheels turning and I almost wish I could take back my wants, because without a doubt you are going to have some tears rolling from readers who also didn’t see this coming.

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