Comic Book Review: The Wicked + The Divine #32


Like I said last month, shit really hit the fan, unfortunately a body hit the floor as well. This month’s The Wicked + The Divine definitely left you with some expectations of what was to follow not only Sakhmet killing Amaterasu, but Woden seizing his chance to turn on both The Norns and Dio. Just what are you going to do with these gods who can’t figure out the right thing to do or how to do it? That description of this issue said more than enough for the average reader who might not be able to put their thoughts into words.

This story arc has genuinely been the most that we have gotten out of a character like Sakhmet. I found myself so uncomfortable with the way she carried herself after killing Amaterasu. You knew that she was pretty far gone, though it seemed that they really had to drive home that message even for jut that one panel following her actions last issue.

How they dealt with Sakhmet was one of the most intense scenes so far. The death of Amaterasu definitely caught you off guard just because of the visual of what was actually done to her, but this moment hit you with the suspense of knowing that anything could happen. Sakhmet could claim her next victim, she might just walk away without justice brought to her, or this could be the end for her. How this confrontation turned out was the best possible end for the trouble that came with Sakhmet. There are still bigger wheels in motion and this could only go on for so long before becoming a distraction or creating shock value which we know this creative team has been good about avoiding.

Now Woden’s actions here did sting, but only because part of you did hold out hope that there might not be a slimy bastard still in there. It goes without saying that no matter what he does, the bigger mystery is that you don’t fully understand his motives or goals. You just know that what he wants and what everyone else wants doesn’t match up. Dio and the Norn’s response to his actions against them was just what you expected out of them. Maybe not so much when it came to Dio as you see him as the least open to fighting. The determination from him alone was heartbreaking when he has been hitting a breaking point for some time now. It could be overdoing things, or it could be his time coming to a close, but he’s the last person you want to see suffering or pushing himself like he did. As for Cass, you could really sympathize with her in these moments. She is the only one trying to do something productive with her time and she is getting nowhere. At least for now.

Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson again knocked it out of the park with this high-intensity issue. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that any scene involving Dio doing his things is awesome. Those colors you can only get out of The Wicked + The Divine, and Matt Wilson in general. The panel layout with the countdown was great, and McKelvie did a great job of capturing the pain that Dio is going through to put up any sort of fight. You could see his fatigue in his eyes, the strain when he tries to make a simple motion, and the distortion effect on his powers was the right touch to add. Its only sad that this might be the last time we get to enjoy that display of art for a while, if not at all. The fight against Sakhmet sent chills when now you could really see how dangerous she was when facing off against someone like Baal. One would have assumed he was the strongest till this very moment. It was explosive in color, and brutal with reds. Between Persephone and Sakhmet, you couldn’t tell who you should have feared till the end of the conflict. Both just from facial expressions alone you could see the darkness and how this is their nature. I was glad overall that for this we got something that wasn’t too quickly decisive.

The Wicked + The Divine #32 will definitely leave some jaws on the floor for better or for worse. Nothing can truly be like it was before after what has happened here. I mean is there anything left to actually salvage from this period of reincarnation? Still some answers to unveil, but is it already too late? I don’t know, though this exciting story is not done until its done.

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