Comic Book Review: The Wicked & The Divine #34


It’s new story arc time, but not in the way you would think. I have to say that the creative team continues to astound me for their ability to expand on this world. Much more than any of us would have assumed from this series. I remember a time where I thought this would be as simple as the gods returning, and then one by one die off to some conspiracy before the two years were up. I’m glad I was wrong there, as we have gone so much further and beyond the limitations of these two years.

The big draw-in for this new story arc is the chance we have now to follow this story from the very start. As they say, 6,000 years ago when the cycle hadn’t begun yet. That means this is our opportunity to finally understand what happened with Ananke. Now what shook things up immediately was opening up to a fairly familiar scene that we saw in the present. Still at first it was difficult to make sense of what was going on, but you could see the wheels beginning to turn. It is a hard pill to swallow beginning to understand the game being played, but it amazes you at the same time that such a simple cycle of life for these gods could be so much more than what was seen on the surface. The only question this story left us with was who we are dealing with. I feel as though they did this on purpose, and it would be smart when there’s still much to work out that’s going on in the present.

Despite the chill and excitement from understanding a good portion of what’s really been going on each resurrection, now was also a great time to get back to present time. There still are big developments taking shape through the discoveries of Laura and Cass. These two were very engaging for the ways in which they are trying not to be their usual standoff-ish selves. For them in particular it was smart to push them to a place where they could begin to realize where they have lost themselves. I was taken back mostly by Jon. This was the first time that we were really reading into his words and he had a lot to say that created clarity. Not to mention he has such a contrasting personality from his dad who you would never have guessed to be how old he actually is. Truthfully I don’t think we’ve ever had a more mature character than Jon, and that is saying something when usually you would turn to Cass for that foot on reality.

The set-up here for what more to expect from gods putting the pieces together was brilliant. When we know as much as we do about this game now, the worst case scenario for both parties is seeing that the pawns are learning. The crazy thing is that there is still so much more to learn, and that is what keeps us coming back for more.

For this issue of WicDiv, I have to say it was the artwork of the scene in the past that grabs your attention most. Everything was for the most part consistent in style and quality throughout the majority of the issue aside from that single scene. I enjoyed the style of the two characters this scene focused on. One of them was Ananke, though the other one was almost like looking into a mirror. Just a different style of attire and decoration. In general it made a big difference to see what passed for gods in terms of appearance back then. The idea was so very different. I guess the proper word to use would be more traditional. That aside, I was captivated by the facial expressions of these two characters. They were serious about the rules they were setting, but you could also see the fun they were trying to have at the same time. There was almost a need for one to humor the other when the ends result was already determined from the start.

When everything right now is about getting answers, The Wicked & The Divine #34 does not disappoint in what it delivers. So much you wouldn’t expect to learn through the events of this issue and they are proving that the sky is the limit in terms of what the past has to offer. Some might argue that the mystery of the past is best kept a mystery, but the things we know now you would never have learned in a different situation.

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