Comic Book Review: The Wicked & The Divine #35


Last month was all about opening our eyes to how this cycle of gods dying and returning is one big twisted game. There is still much more to discover about how this pertains to the current pantheon, but until then we bask in the mystery and drama as it unfolds. Especially when those who have lost their way after becoming gods are now able to begin asking the right questions. The ones that reflect who they were before this madness.

What Woden does next was bold considering he is not exactly who we thought he is. Once we learned that Woden’s son was originally supposed to have his place, everything he did suddenly became tricky to figure out. What wasn’t done for Ananke, who we thought was Ananke, created one more question directed towards his motivations. Particularly now that there is no one exactly pulling his strings. The same could be said for Minerva as she continues to work her own angle. She really couldn’t have picked a better god to take the spot for. Time probably gave her the experience to play the role so well, but age is definitely a factor once it comes to Woden’s confrontation with her. One thing became clearer than anything else so far through her actions, and it is that these gods do not truly understand what it means to expect the unexpected.

The escape of Cass, Laura and the others was exactly the step forward you would have wanted to see from them given what this time together forced them to accept about their directions. Laura and Cass being able to see past themselves to tackle this situation was thrilling since it is the first time in a while that they have had solid leads. They know how to play their roles in this by accessing what they know, and treading carefully around what they are not certain of. This was out of character for Persephone, but exactly the kind of change we needed to return back to a place where it is comfortable to call her Laura again. I do only hope that won’t be short-lived given what is stumbled upon by the end of this issue that shakes up everything assumed about the “type” of gods they can return as.

Through our return to 1923, certain things about that scene suddenly begin to make sense as you realize what kind of god Ananke was versus her sister. When the rules to the game was made clear, there were thing about what we have seen up to this point that came into question. Specifically whether or not what we were seeing was everything that happened in those shown moments. To see that there was more to what we saw on the surface was brilliant in execution. They couldn’t have chosen a better time to drop this bomb on our laps. Nothing would have made sense without the history lesson we got last issue, or the reveal of Minerva as Ananke some issues ago. Even then, there are still a few more questions to answer about what comes at the end of the game, but giving us a little at a time has proven to be exciting for the pain in not seeing the full picture just yet.

A lot of things happened in this issue, though for the most part I would say that the artwork had a consistent quality to it. Pretty much what you would expect in terms of style. Though with that said, they did take some liberties to shake things up a bit through the way they drew certain characters when there isn’t an act to put up. Minerva was acting more cunning and conniving for someone her age, Laura was carrying herself more like a person than a god, and a surprise character revealed that they are not the exact god their power made them seem like. One thing I did like most about this issue was the understanding of the two different effects we’ve seen when someone’s head looked like it was being blown up. In one way the act is seen as a gory mess, and in the other instance its flashy in a swirling ball of light. Having context to that effect created much more appreciation towards it and what was going on in those select moments. That aside, I love the blood splatter that Wilson does. Its more than just throwing red on the character or drenching the object in red. He makes the blood change the way you see said character, and the atmosphere was chilling for how he does it this time around (I mean that is if the cover didn’t give you chills already).

The Mothering Intervention so far has proven to be a major story arc. I can see why the events of this arc they took their time getting to. It has all been so well thought out and planned between the things we needed to know and when we needed to know them. The Wicked & The Divine #35 was a great example of one of those times with perfect execution. There was plenty we learned new about this game, the players, and other things about the cycle that were overlooked till now.

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