Comic Book Review: The Wicked & The Divine #41


The Wicked & The Divine #40 was one hell of a page-turner when we were really left thinking that Baal and company were actually going to get away with sacrificing over 20,000 people for the sake of defeating the great evil. Who knows what would have followed that tragedy? Luckily we don’t have to now that the currently enigmatic Laura has resurfaced to play the role of hero once more. The only question to follow is why now? What has she somehow figured out that everyone else has not?

The transition from the events of The Wicked & The Divine #40 to this issue was smooth and to the point. The pacing has picked up here and momentum has clearly carried the plot forward. This is the place where we want to be now that it seems that everyone is starting to act out of some desperation to bring an end to what they perceive as the big bad.

Points like this in The Wicked & The Divine tend to be my favorite. Why do I say this? Because there’s nothing between us and the main plot that is stopping Ananke, dealing with this great darkness, and the supposed limited time that they all have left in their lifespans as gods. A lot to deal with, am I right? I’m not personally against all the issues that we have gotten between where the gaps were filled in to the way that this world works, but what has always been more memorable is what happens when these gods are making moves. For Minerva (Ananke) and Baal, this was their time to make bold moves. Laura made her move in response. So now we needed to see what would come next when these actions are the beginning of the next big conflict.

I was over the moon excited when Laura started acting. This was the closest to Laura that we have gotten since she first became Persephone. Not everything currently makes sense about her new situation, but you have to love the way that she has pulled it together to remember what she is fighting for. This set off a series of actions throughout this issue that was simply all that you have been waiting for since the last stretch of this story began. Kieron Gillen says that he can’t believe that he is finally writing these scenes, and I think we were all left feeling the same way about what unfolded here. The right characters rescued, brought up to speed. Everything about this chapter was putting all the pieces into the right place for an endgame that is still to be figured out. Aside from Laura, there was a couple other gods who managed to stand out in a big way. You wouldn’t have expected the kind of turn that they have made, but it was definitely for the best when it counted. We’ve seen the word miracle thrown around consistently in this series, but the few acts seen in this issue were probably the most accurate use of the word.

If it weren’t for some key scenes this issue, I probably would have said that this issue was up to the standard quality that you would expect from The Wicked & The Divine. Because a number of those key scenes, I was left floored time after time by the miracles this art team brought to these pages. Some gods push their powers to new limits and the effect was wonderful. The scale in which they used their power, and of course the stunning colors poured into them which grabs your attention almost instantly. I could tell that at a certain point in the issue the art team had a lot of fun with these characters, because the choice of attire for many of them was on point. It was fitting for them, and gave you the impression that everyone at this point is action-ready.

Overall, The Wicked & The Divine #41 embraced a lot that was issues in the making. We have reached that point in the series where things are really happening on both sides. It’s not the time for gods to still be figuring things out, now is the time for them to make real decisions about their futures. Particularly those who have something to still fight for.

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