Comic Book Review: The Wicked & The Divine #42


What a heck of a twist that this creative team has thrown our way. With the story boiling down to the end, there’s very little that you could look forward to that can be assumed. These are those times where you had to be open for just about anything to develop with so much on the line, and so many unknown elements to this story.I mean, who would have really guessed it to be possible for Lucifer, Inanna, and Mimir to regain their bodies at the cost of The Morrigan’s three selves? That really got me itching to see what comes next with the numbers game shifted in a different favor.

Where this issue picked up from that big turn of events was clever for the fact that we are still seeing the wheels turning for this plan that Laura has set into motion. Up to this point I have felt very impressed by the change of direction they took with Laura from her time as Persephone and her time when brooding. For a good long while it was hard to see where the finish line was for this fan turned god, turned into something else. Ever since this recent change in Laura, her sense of clarity has been admirable for what she has been able to accomplish on her end. You are of course left wondering how she has figured things out that even Cass couldn’t, but keeping that air of mystery alive is the best way to keep readers on their toes. Whether it is us or the rest of the Pantheon, the only option is to put your faith in Laura that she can reclaim the role of the hero when you don’t fully understand what is going through her head.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t just Laura or The Morrigan who showed you what it means to sacrifice. The person who stepped up to the plate this time around was probably the last you would expect, yet at the same time probably what made the decision made so memorable.

Speaking of unknown elements, there was no better time to drop that final barrier which kept us from fully understanding the story of Ananke. It felt so simple that any one of us should have been able to figure it out, and yet it was so to the point that you would have braced yourself for something more intricate. You have to appreciate a story like this because the greatest thrills are the things you either are able to piece together or get caught off guard by. How they even approached this full truth was brilliant because some things are better grasped once you have heard it from the source. Now with that said, this was only part one of two shockers that we got in this issue. I’m not going to lie, this last story arc and stretch of the story has been dry in terms of the action we have gotten in the past and the action we just got now. It was easy to forget just how brutal this story could be, or rather Ananke till now. You get so caught up in the pretty colors and fantastical elements, that it was easy to be floored by what happens when reminded of the lengths some will go to win this game.

I was only a bit heartbroken that not everything was really as it seemed with The Great Darkness, but there are some things that you really couldn’t drag out too long with only one big confrontation to build up to.

The art team has been very consistent in what they have delivered up till now, but it seems that this was their issue to once again crack their knuckles and make magic. Well, I wouldn’t call the horror show they created by the loss of a certain God magic, but everything else was that. To paint a picture in someone’s head, what scene McKelvie and Wilson created here was almost double the work that they put into Ananke’s death. So when you have that in mind, you really would gasp that they went there and did that. So much red, so much insides now on the outside, and painting everything with a surface. But let me not just linger on this, what I enjoyed about this issue was seeing much more of the other gods using their powers and being flashy about it. It even helped seeing a little more attitude visually from a Minerva who is now unable to hide her intentions from the rest.

When they said “We’re actually going to do all this in an issue?”, they really meant that they were going to do some things that will leave you with some obscenities running through your head. In the best of ways of course. The Wicked & The Divine #42 cut the middleman in so many ways, and in such a short amount of time. Most creative teams at this stage would get called out for things seeming rushed, but this was all excellently crafted from start to finish. This is a time where everyone has a choice to make, and moves to play. You were either going to see this through to the end or not.

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