Comic Book Review: Ultimates 2 #100


The Ultimates and the Ultimates. Who would have ever thought this was a point that we would reach in this adventure. That is the beauty of this book, crazy developments like this are possible when you venture into the unknown and extraordinary. Some could argue that we may be pulling in some directions at this point, but if this book has proved anything it is that everything matters in the grand scheme of the universe/multiverse.

Ultimates 2 #100 was quick to throw us into the confrontation between both Ultimate teams. I must admit that I was really looking forward to this as a fan of the Ultimate Universe. I know that I am part of the minority saying that, but this was an unconventional yet badass team in comparison to the 616 Avengers. That first clash instantly pulls you into the action and from there you are just drawn in to how that would end seeing how this team would never fight alongside Maker. How this fight ended was even better when they proved that there was more to what we had to look forward to than just the fighting. There is a bigger battle to prioritize and things got interesting when the thinking began.

Bringing the Maker into this shakes things up for the best. I was quite confused by the need to add a player like him so deep into the game, but his role begins to make sense as he contrasts from a team that knows better to mess with forces they don’t understand. The biggest fear for the Ultimates was what they would try to fix that didn’t need fixing. The Maker represents what happens when you steer in the wrong direction thinking you’re doing good. It is a dangerous thing to do the things he does and be so confident that you are in the right.

With Galactus and his team, this still is the best development to come of this multiversal war. Not only do you have Galactus with so much personality and individuality, you have these beings actually working as enforcers to Eternity against the likes of Logos. And with that said, Logos has been an excellent villain for just his dialogue alone. Anyone else and you probably would have found yourself pretty bored by his dragging monologue, but this guy has such command and disgust in his voice for anything that doesn’t meet his criteria of law and order. This final encounter with Logos was the highlight of the issue because they got into some heavy concepts in the realm of possibility. The very kind of thing you had come to expect from this book since the first issue. Who would have guessed Eternity and his reach could go so far when he is pushed to his limit? A memorable occasion when you get to see the guy in action and rooting for him to pull off the biggest miracle.

The art team for this final issue was a full house and rightfully so with the events that unfolded. Without a doubt the best that the interior artwork has ever looked for this book. Many things stuck out in this issue as everyone pulled no punches. Quite literally for some heroes who proved that their strength is not to be underestimated. The seismic effect in just that one panel was impressive. For only about thirty pages, there was a lot of action, but I enjoyed most that they found a way to fit all of it and transition from one scene to the next without making you feel as though you were missing something. Everything about the battle outside of Eternity and within the Superflow grabbed your attention for the creativeness that went into every action. Whether it was objects overlapping or unique shapes given to the panel layout, you were never looking at the same thing with each passing page. As adventurous as the story was, they put that same effort into the art. I don’t think I could ever love that cosmic rendering more than the way they used it this time around. That effect was used perfectly where it could be given shape and never lose form in creating these powerful entities.

It’s hard to believe that Ultimates 2 #100 is the last of this series, but one heck of a number to end it on if you ask me. A book like this you don’t get everyday. I feel proud to have seen this series of stories evolve from Mighty Avengers (kind of different but a stepping stone for many of these characters), to Ultimates, to Ultimates 2. When we didn’t have Fantastic Four, we had Ultimates to take us to infinity and beyond. Anyone who wasn’t reading this book has missed out on a corner of the Marvel Universe that dared to go where no one else would.

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