Comic Book Review: Ultimates 2 #4


There wasn’t a whole lot of takeaway from Secret Wars for an event of its scale. You have to appreciate that a book like Ultimates manages to stick to its guns to find that room to open us up to what has become of this universe internally. Some things are still vague sure, but this creative team isn’t playing games about the new order of this universe. Again solving the mystery of who caged Eternity feels like the least of our problems at the moment after the events that continue to unfold.

Logos is now what has become of Master Order and Lord Chaos after consuming their avatar and each other. This was the biggest leap this creative team could have taken both through story and artistically. What’s going on with the Ultimates right now is vital to their future, but what is going on right here holds so much more importance. I think this is the testament to them solidifying Ultimates as that book you should be reading if you want to remember the thrill of tackling the forces out there which you cannot comprehend. Logos swiftly makes his new presence and power known as he should and they pulled no punches with who Logos would make an example out of first. The feet he steps on along the way also peak you interest because we also run into faces who pull strings we were not aware of till now. This is the kind of exploration we have awaited to get back to after the distraction that was Civil War II. These very things that feel like stepping into a new world and beyond.

Now as for the Troubleshooters confronting the Ultimates? This was a moment to warm up to. Off the bat it hasn’t been favorable watching them turn themselves into distractions of their own when there are bigger problems only getting worse out there. In general this was one ball and chain from Civil War II that needed to be broken if we wanted to get anywhere appealing. However this isn’t to say that the fight itself wasn’t worth the watch. The Troubleshooters on the surface seemed like a team that wasn’t close to being in the same league as the Ultimates. If that was anyone’s assumption then they proved us wrong pretty quick. I know I was and was a bit impressed. Mainly because like a lot of things going on right now we don’t know these people and what they were capable of till they made their move.

Travel Foreman and Dan Brown I adore at this point for what they bring to the table each issue. There is no limitation to what they can do at this point and they make the effort to always give us something new to see. You have to love it about that kind of initiation. Where it is what goes on within the panels or the layout of the panels themselves they are giving us what engages our eyes going from page to page. For Ultimates 2 #4 they experiment with a lot of effects which give yo that perspective of the world of those of higher purpose in the cosmic hierarchy. First off it was stunning to see Logos in action. From his appearance to actions he embodied a being who has evolved into greatness as his composition screamed transcendence. Then you have the Troubleshooters who this art team manages to get very creative with what is possible having psychic powers. Now as for Dan Brown, he doesn’t go too crazy with the colors this time around, but tame is fine. He still has a firm grasp of what he wants to blend in, and what he wants to pop on the page. He definitely seems to stretch his legs more when it comes to dealing with the cosmic beings. They require a special touch, distinguishing, and he meets that demand through beautiful gradients and arrays of color.

Ultimates 2 #4 really shook up everything you thought you knew was going on or going to happen. That is the most you can ask for from a cosmic story like this. Ultimates pushes boundaries and continues to do so with each passing issue. If you want refreshing storytelling then you should look nowhere else but to the Ultimates.

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