Comic Book Review: Ultimates 2 #5


A war for the future takes many shapes in Ultimates 2. On one hand you have Galactus who has kickstarted this mission to find out what happened to Eternity, on the other hand you have Logos trying to reap the spoils of a cosmic hierarchy still in development, and then you have the Ultimates themselves who struggle getting back to their roots which is solving the big problems of the universe. Surely a lot of ground to cover, but these plot points are taking us to new and exciting places.

For the sake of investment I do have to say I like the way Ultimates 2 #5 opens up. If there is one fault you could give to The Troubleshooter conflict it is that the motivation against the Ultimates is not fully understood. Philip Nolan Vogt is a character who has slowly been playing a bigger role, but till this point he has been a mystery as to what drives him to be such a persistent problem despite the good this team tries to do for Earth and beyond. From this little origin story of his we do come to some understanding of his intentions that do make some sense. Maybe you don’t agree with his role, though you would always have to assume there is some force out there trying to manage a checks and balance system when it comes to those who do the things the Ultimates do.

The fight between the Troubleshooters and the Ultimates continued to be a treat. It was inevitable, and it is a distraction from what is more important, but it is the kind of conflict this team needed to challenge where they stand right now. I mean these are some heavy hitters and this is a fight close just because the Troubleshooters came prepared for them. The execution from start to finish was cool as this fight was just another opportunity to show how powerful some of them actually are. Toying with limitations along the way which makes any exchange memorable.

Where the end of the fight takes us was hard to understand, though it was necessary that at a point paths can begin to intersect. As I pointed out above there are a lot of things going on. All relevant, though there are issues like this where you have to make that move to begin consolidating all those moving pieces for the sake of focus and perspective..Now with that said, nothing compares to the takeaway that we get from now knowing the name of the Cosmic Jailer. While I can’t say the name is too much to go off of, I can say that it is enough to raise the stakes of this fight more than it ever was in the past.

For this issue I felt like the artwork for Ultimates was a bit more tame than usual. Not a bad thing, but after seeing some stellar visuals up to this point it is something that you take notice of. When Travel Foreman took over as artist for Ultimates 2 the one thing we got used to was this shift in perspective between something solid, and art that is highly rendered. I wouldn’t say there was too much of that rendering here until those bits here and there involving what is going on beyond the limits of space. Which makes sense from an artistic standpoint. You want to add importance to developments in that area and they nailed it. Especially when we reach the end of the issue for that shocking reveal of who the Cosmic Jailer actually is. Both Travel Foreman and Dan Brown out did themselves there. Particularly Dan Brown who continues to show that there is no limit to what he can produce through his colors. He breathes life into some of these creations. His gradient of cold colors and just the way they meshed together to create this ominous being was stunning.

Ultimates 2 #5 is where things get serious. The creation of Logos was mad enough, but this being pulling the strings of discord challenges how impossible a task can be. But who if not the Ultimates to charge head first into the impossible? I feel like this is the roof and they are going to blow it wide open with what is unleashed and what will be given back in response.

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