Comic Book Review: Ultimates 2 #7


I’m not going to lie that this is the moment that I feared approach for Ultimates. With every new event from Marvel, there are the numerous tie-ins to that event whether big or small. The tie-ins for Ultimates have never disappointed because they usually try to still do their own thing. Nonetheless this is still a big pause in a story that was getting quite good between everyone realizing what they are actually fighting for, Galactus taking back his place as the Lifebringer, and the noble sacrifice from Anti-Man to make that possible once more.

While I said what I said above, unfortunately I found myself a bit disappointed this time around, if only at the start. From the minute I flipped open this issue it felt as though something was missing. Not a feeling I am used to when reading an Ultimates tie-in to an event. So if you are reading this issue or thinking about it, that is something you have to prepare yourself for. I stand by the notion that with events, you should only be dragged into a tie-in if it is that important to the main story. If not, then you are alienating readers who aren’t invested in that event or looking for a reason that they need to read it. This isn’t to say that they don’t try to explain what happens for this issue of Ultimate to open up on the scene it did. To that extent you could understand the importance of the Ultimates to what move Steve Rogers has made against the heroes of Earth. You could also understand just how much this team has been able to come together once again seeing how there is a strong sense of urgency.

From there things did manage to pick up in an Ultimates kind of way. First off I enjoyed the teaming up with the Guardians of The Galaxy. This has happened a number of times in the past and each time just as entertaining because they just don’t work very well with other heroes. Aside from that, Al Ewing took advantage of this situation which worked out to the benefit of development for the Ultimates story and characters. Monica in particularly I felt excitement for when this was just another moment where he pushes the boundaries of her powers. I swear at this point I couldn’t understand why she goes so underappreciated outside of this book for the feats of strength she pulls off constantly.

For this issue tie-in we switch over to a different artist. Aud Koch isn’t an artist I’m familiar with, but he does some solid work. Nothing too standout, but captures some heroes in picture perfect moments along with Dan Brown. Two things caught my attention in particular, the first being this push Monica goes for with her powers. It was quite beautiful between Koch and Brown to mix elegance with strength as she pushed her capability in light form. This could have worked, and it could have looked like a mess, but they nailed the expanding of her reach through variations of yellows and allowing the colors to overlap the pencils to show intensity. Then you also have the way they capture a weakened Galactus. Probably the most human I have seen him drawn in a while where he isn’t speaking as someone who destroys, someone divine, or above someone in general. And they did this while taking us to a familiar place which most probably would have forgotten existed. Beyond this, the creativeness in layout design should be recognized. This wouldn’t be half as engaging visually without the way they arranged the panels to give you something new to look at with each flip of the page.

Ultimates 2 #7 definitely has you feeling some sort of way about the trouble this team finds themselves in at the hands of Steve Rogers, HYDRA, and this endless horde of Chitauri. I can’t say that I find myself caring for the Secret Empire plot, but this issue still managed to make me care for where the Ultimates stand being locked outside of Earth.

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