Comic Book Review: Ultimates 2 #9


It seems our tie-in to Secret Empire came and went. You don’t know how much that satisfies someone like me who has stuck through with this book since the very start. Not to say the tie-in was bad, but there are bigger fish to fry when we are dealing with the fate of the multiverse. Nothing is more important than addressing this fight for power when the big reset button was also hit for the cosmic hierarchy.

Now before we get to any of that, Ultimates 2 #8 hit us with one of the more questionable twists as of late. With everything else going on, who was expecting two more players to pop up in the form of The Maker and High Evolutionary? I’m not sure what these two have been up to, but it was interesting for the attention to suddenly shift to them and whatever they are currently planning. Their outside perspective made things fun because it felt like there had to be someone who was or could benefit from the chaos between these beings clashing. Part of you was awaiting the worst case scenario for the two. They would deserve it, yet you did want to see what could happen if they were to succeed with what they were trying to take behind the scenes. Truthfully I did miss The Maker for the personality he brought to the table. This guy is driven, maybe even more than Logos and that is both exciting and scary. He goes to great lengths for his views of perfection which pushes him to steal the spotlight.

The plot takes a big step forward with bold moves on all sides. I was expecting a little more build up for the Eternity War, but for the sake of pacing it was best that we could reach a point of escalation. It was now that we could understand the threat of Logos to the universe as a whole. He didn’t waste time finding the right team to help see his plans through. Neither did Galactus either as he has found the team that will help him make some sort of difference against a force like Logos. The confrontation was satisfying for the sense of urgency between Logos’ forces and Galactus’. I didn’t think the meddling of The Maker and High Evolutionary would play that much of a role in this, but it did work out for the best. This would all be too simple if it were straightforward. Those two whether they realized it or not created a wildcard situation where their interference could hurt or help someone.

It was only disappointing the little role the Ultimates had to play here. I can only give recognition to the opportunity taken to pull them away from the mess that is what’s going on with Earth. The less Secret Empire the better if you ask me.

With Ultimates 2 #9 Travel Foreman finds himself back in the driver’s seat. I did miss him on art for the fact that he nailed the overall vision of a book like Ultimates. Every flip of the page and transition between panels felt obscure. Lets take the entry of the Eternity Watchers. That was every bit of what you would have expected to see when beings like them spring into action, especially when it came to Ego getting used to his new capabilities. The overlapping overall is an appreciated touch to really put key moments in your face. That aside, he is the right guy to tap into the creativeness of some of these unique spirits, beings, and spaces throughout the universe. Between Travel Foreman and Dan Jackson, where they did best was in how they captured the sinister nature of The Maker. The one thing you can’t deny is how dark the atmosphere can be for this art team. This is the best it has worked out when deep down inside throughout this issue you knew that there wasn’t something to trust about his intentions. For Dan Jackson in particular, his standout work came from those few pages involving Eternity and The First Firmament. That is where his colors are the strongest because he gets that cosmic design more than most who would not put that much effort into making it look that vast.

Who knew that all it would take is two surprise elements to this Eternity War to flip this whole story on its head? Their ultimate plan for the multiverse was both shocking and quite literal when you reach that last page. Ultimates 2 #9 for the most part felt like it came out of nowhere, but at least there is more clarity to what is being fought for. I mean this is one heck of a mess created just from the wrong person taking advantage of this broken hierarchy.

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