Comic Book Review: Ultimates #9


Ultimates #9Like some other titles, you enjoy Ultimates right now still because it hasn’t been immediately thrown into the chaos of Civil War II. We are still working up to where all heck breaks loose for our heroes and that kind of paced progress is what we need to see as there is a completely different perspective to takes from the Ultimates’ part in this conflict. Always a bigger picture to them that goes beyond what is simply seen as Captain Marvel vs Iron Man.

First off I’d have to say that this cover for Ultiimates #9 is one of the most stunning I’ve seen since the start. Some of the best detail and color work that goes into something you aren’t sure what to make of till you actually flip open that first page.

This issue started interestingly enough answering the question of what that being on the cover is. Before getting into this we know that the being is called the Infinaut, though that was about it. Not only this but bringing more relevance to the role of Phil Nelson Vogt. A man we have seen from the start of the series monitoring the every action of the Ultimates and giving us a different perspective of their activities from a grounded point of view. The same can be said for characters like Ulysses and Giant-Man. Ulysses we were clearly going to see more of as the center of much of the conflict to come, though it was definitely a treat that we got to see more of Giant-Man aka Raz Malhorta. Someone fans have been warming up to since he took on the mantle from Hank Pym. It was only a matter of time when they would call on his aid. Someone with just as much brains as the rest and brings something new to the use of Pym Particles.

The cracks in the ultimate super-team are widening and it does start to make sense now more than ever after what Clint did to Banner in Civil War II #3. I did not read it, but you get the gist of what happens from the way most who are concerned about it explain this in the issue. What you appreciate is seeing that the divide goes beyond simply thinking you shouldn’t be able to see the future and act upon it. It is about knowing what’s going to happen next and not jumping the gun to kill in order to prevent. It comes down to a matter of ethics and there is no better time right now to get into this considering it challenges the mission statement of the Ultimates. From the very first issue they made it clear to each other that there would be boundaries they were not willing to cross. Apparently the weight of Captain Marvel’s responsibilities are coming between her agreement on that matter.

It was intriguing the choice to have two artists for Ultimates #9. It wasn’t a bad thing at all, but it does make you wonder what brought them to this decision. Djbril Morisette did a solid job of capturing a secondary story developing outside of what is going on with the Ultimates. His style much more simple, well simple in terms of comparison to Rocafort, and I guess that works when the perspective he is rendering comes from a more simplistic point of view whether it being Vogt or Conner’s. Overall it was distinguishing. Now moving on to Rocafort, there was a lot to enjoy about the creativity that went into his work this issue. All starting with the Infinaut who has to be one of the most unique beings we have come across visually from the cosmic universe. So many things going on with what he wears that makes you genuinely interested in where he comes from or what he can do. Probably the best colors we have seen from Blond as well who brings that look together so beautifully. The dynamic between those two is always exciting for what they are able to produce that makes Ultimates live up to being that out of this world adventure. Even the panel border design looked great for the gradients used on some of them. And I have to mention how great Giant-Man looked if not only for the detail that went into the gear made for him to pull off the feat he did. Rocafort doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to technological advancements.

Ultimates #9 makes progress at its own pace and again this is a book you keep on your pull-list because it continues to be self-contained whether the cover says Road to Civil War II or Civil War II. In general the characters matter, the story matters, they have a handle on the pacing they want to take this, and the artwork consistently finds a way to impress you.

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