Comic Book Review: Uncanny X-Men #12


I said what I said, but here I am, aren’t I? What guy can resist jumping back into the X-Books when his favorite mutant hero is back from the dead and into the spotlight again? It was a cruel world that he was thrown back into, but I enjoyed the way he reacted to a world that thinks they have won the war against mutantkind. This gave both him and Wolverine the motivation to stand tall and take action once more. Doing what only they do best.

As far as pacing goes, this next chapter took the duo of Cyclops and Wolverine straight into the fire. It almost felt nostalgic seeing them tag team like this. Not only for the action, but for all the banter along the way between them. A classic atmosphere like this is exactly what we needed at a time where Marvel has been so focused on tearing down the X-Men, rather than build them up. The only real difference is that right now you can see the age start to show on both of them. They don’t have the same momentum as they once did, or the same energy that keeps them from taking some big hits along the way. All for the best of course, if I have argued for anything more in the Marvel Universe, it has been seeing more continuity in aging. It works for these two originals as the guys who have been there and done it all.

Their first mission together was fitting for a start. In a world where the X-Men are gone, that means you are looking for the next best thing. That or whatever you can scrape together to begin building a force. Where they went and who they encountered really set the tone for where this story goes from the events of the previous issue. It’s not just a question of who they can pick-up or save, it’s also what condition you will find a lot of these guys who have been missing for some time. Not everyone is hiding underground or living it up because they were able to still hold on to some power. The reality of the situation for many these two came across was devastating. Not enough to make me overlook the irritation of this storyline as a whole, but enough in the moment to experience a new kind of low for the mutant population. Even if the end game can’t be seen yet, every new interaction gives us plenty of insight into the kind of world created when the X-Men disappeared.

By the end of this issue we now have somewhat of a good idea as to the kind of force Cyclops and Wolverine are dealing with. There’s still more to reveal about the head to this snake, but the taste we got is enough to create interest in the full reveal. My only disappointment is that who seems to be one of those heads just so happens to be a face we have seen a bit too often in the X-Men world. This would have been a great time to start creating some new villains who we have never seen before. It is only then that you can genuinely experience challenges that the X-Men haven’t gone through before.

X-Artist Salvador Larroca and Rachelle Rosenberg have been so far perfect for a book like this. It’s not every day when you can say an X-Men book has a quality art team put together. I would be lying if I said that sometimes the style did not fit the kind of story told.This here was fitting for the detail that has been put into the characters and the world around them. We got a proper rendering of how grim the world can look for the mutants when they have practically lost the fight. I mean that is not to say that only this kind of pencil work is appealing, but there are some artists out there who will give you the very opposite of something with form like this. Those X-Books told me that they weren’t caring about the overall product. With that said, creative work went into the state that we found some notable faces. The aging process for some was accurate, as well as the ways in which you could picture some of them twisted into something different from who they are.

Uncanny X-Men #12 sets the return of the X-Men on the right path. This was a fast read and to the point, but ultimately gave everyone a picture of how terrifying it is now to be a mutant. Facing the mobs and dealing with the corrupt politicians are the least of their worries right now.

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