Comic Book Review: Unfollow #12


unfollow-12It’s chaos on all sides of the board. Everyone realizing the hard way that there is nowhere safe out there when greed for money outweighs the value of life. We are hitting a breaking point in Unfollow and like any other social experiment out there you want to see how they either react, adapt, or evolve from what they have to face.

Unfollow #12 thankfully brings a stronger focus to Akira and the dangers he and the other 43 face as this is no genuine safe haven.The reveal from Courtney was genius enough because someone out there had to be able to sit back and read one of Akira’s books. More importantly someone within those walls who could see through the charade they were blind to this whole time. Who better than Courtney really? One of the least who is up her own butt and relevant enough to make some noise about the trouble which is coming their way. This really has been the biggest game-changing revelation so far. Her reaction to everything came from somewhere real.

Speaking of reveals, Akira showing his true colors was a chilling moment. That was the moment when you realized there really are no heroes here. He could have simply been someone overcome by the need to be the savior, but it got so much darker than those intentions. Mainly when you reached the point of grasping just how far he himself was willing to go to make certain the image of him as the hero could not be obscured.

With that said, Rubenstein’s attack is also a game changer. It may be following the story of Akira, but all the same the result is just as devastating. Not just because of how many people have died, but for the fact that the world now sees the danger is real. Up to this point everyone ignorant has turned their nose to the threat that stares them in the face with every death, but with what has now dramatically culled the 140 and witnessed you have to wonder how the world will react next.

Dave is one of those who we looked forward to getting back to most because he has finally given in to the person he needs to be in order to survive this. They say Dave, Deacon and Ravan have a choice to make whether to run or evolve in something terrifying, but in the back of your head the choice felt more obvious for each of them regarding who would make what decision. It just so happened that Dave ended up choosing the more favorable of paths to take. And it is nice to see his spirit animal as I will call it having more of an active voice as we progress. Whether it is real or not it is a unique representation of what Dave is capable of if he were to fight back.

Mike Dowling and Quinton Winter did an amazing job with this issue compared to the others. The other issues kind of got us visually for the shock value of what these people are capable of doing to each other for the sake of greed. But that shock has passed leaving us with the fear and suspense of what is inevitable. The attack on Akira’s sanctuary, the actions of Courtney in response, the fallout from the fight with the Russians. All of it came with natural expression that can only be described as human. The fear of mortality, the overcoming of inner darkness, the breaking point of sanity and the capturing of true natures. Their faces tell a story of their own taking in everything they have been through and are still going through. Going back to Courtney and Akira. It was a tough pill to swallow seeing someone as strong as Courtney broken by the game she finds herself and others a pawn in. Then it was even harder to see a man like Akira who we first assumed to be some big hero turn into everything wrong with the world. An existential crisis is never pretty to see on display.

Nothing could ever have been the same after the 140 were called upon, but now with the conclusion of Unfollow #12 nothing could ever be the same from where you thought this story was going. This truly shatters any feeling of hope you might have had in humanity, and unfortunately that is a loose rope we struggle with ourselves as readers these days.

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