Comic Book Review: Unfollow #17


Like I said before, everything we once knew about the Unfollow you can toss right out the window. The players have evolved, the stakes have been raised, and no person doesn’t feel the effect of Ferrell bearing the fruits of his experiment. With a time-skip, you usually have to go through an adjustment period. Though the way they handle this story, we were tossed straight into the fire when there is nothing left to do but confront the man behind it all.

After the helicopter was taken down, it was hard to picture what kind of situation Deacon, Dave, Courtney and Ravan find themselves in. I mean they did just get shot out of the sky, but not the best position to be put in which we find out the hard way. Dave’s spirit animal so to speak has been a curious development up to this point. I want to believe at this point this is just a voice in his head or his baser instincts talking to him, though whichever it is I love what it has to say most of the time. Saying the things that Dave wouldn’t say himself, but might act on if given no other option. Regardless of this, what obstacle they all face now was a powerful scene when this was a test of how far they were all willing to go to see this through to the end. Because how could you turn back? To run, hide, fear every person who acts like they are your friend? The personal sacrifice above all stood out here and it was captivating.

Ferrell love him or hate him has some of the most standout dialogue as well. He speaks the truth about the reality we live in regarding our obsession with the internet and our technological devices. I couldn’t disagree with him even if I wanted to and that is what makes the world Unfollow is set in so perfectly constructed. Aside from this social experiment he created, everything is just a mirror of our world. Truthfully if you take away all the craziness, this would still be a beautiful story through just the dialogue alone because Rob Williams puts the voice of many who are able to see the world the same way into Ferrell. For what is going on currently, Ferrell practically taking us back to the stone ages was one hell of a way to make his mark on this world. And this was before making the move that would shake up this concept of a plot that could have easily had a predictable end.

With how things go from here, you can call it a de-escalation or an escalation of events though whichever it is the excitement is building up more than ever before when it seems like this is it. I actually had this assumption that the story of Unfollow might go on quite a bit longer, but I appreciate that this is one of those handled well enough that they definitely went into this with an end in mind. Now to say that an end is that soon approaching is an assumption, but that is what we are led to believe by what is going on currently.

I was very impressed by the focus on the characters this issue by the art team. This was like the set-up for the final confrontation, or a trimming of the fat so to speak which comes with heartbreak. For them that means many who will not see the end, and many who will struggle to get to the end. That feeling of loss was etched across many faces which was a tough pill to swallow. They capture these human expressions which engage you in a way that makes it hard to ignore the hard reality of this situation. And the transnational scenes worked so well going from all this chaos to Ferrell in the most serene environment explaining the way he sees the world. This issue gave Quinton Winter a lot of room to get into those natural colors which he doesn’t get enough credit for. Not a single value of greens or blues does he waste to make it all look picture perfect. The as usual he knows when to crank the dial in intensity for his colors when crap hits the fan.

Unfollow each month just keeps giving you reason to fall in love with this book all over again. You love Unfollow for these characters who are flawed in every way like us, living in a world as broken as ours, and fighting against a foe who unfortunately for them understands how the world works better than they ever could.

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