Comic Book Review: Unworthy Thor #5


This has been a defining period for the Odinson as he tried to reclaim his worthiness. If you ever questioned the heart of a god then Unworthy Thor #4 painted a pretty good picture of what it is life for them to have everything to gain and nothing left to lose. It stings to think that this is it. I mean we know that the Odinson will once again become Thor in the future, but is that time now?

Now Odinson getting his hammer back or not, this wasn’t the only reason why Unworthy Thor #5 is the issue we have been dying for. The biggest question yet to be answer for is how Thor became unworthy in the first place. What on Earth could Nick Fury have whispered to him that would have brought him this far down? This is in fact a mystery years in the telling and it was awesome that the finale to this mini series would start us off with beginning to address what really happened. First off I do admit that I had my idea as to who the cloaked figure is, and was surprisingly wrong. A good thing as this created more shock to what The Unseen in this moment had to say for himself. As for the truth he whispered, that was perfect and worth the wait. Those who followed Thor from the very first arc when Jason Aaron took over are the ones who will enjoy the explanation most.

Getting back to the Odinson, that was still one heck of a cliffhanger we were left on as he laid his hand upon the hammer. I’m not going to lie I was quite shocked as to what happened in that moment. I know what I wanted from it, and yet wasn’t all too surprised by the result of touching the hammer given again what we know about Thor’s future. I think this is a testament to how far this creative team has thought through this story. Some easily say Jane Foster’s Thor is thrust upon us, but everything right now is unfolding just as it would if you’ve followed this tale from the VERY start.

The Collector made for the best kind of villain in my opinion. It wasn’t about someone who could overpower Odinson or break him, this was about a villain who could push him past the point where he wouldn’t allow anyone to take any more from him than what was already lost. As for Thanos, it was hard till the very end to figure out his part in this since Black Swan and Proxima Midnight were doing the fighting for him. Even with clarity its hard to see the longterm plan for him, but I do like the direction so far. Sure it does make you feel like you missed something outside of this book, but this is taking us deep into the world of the gods.

With Unworthy Thor #5 we are back to our standard art team for the book. You couldn’t have asked for a better team of artists to tackle this epic. This style of storytelling visually is perfect for Olivier Copiel, Kim Jacinto, and Pascal Alixe. He has that classic approach to his pencils that really nails the elegance in combat between such powerful beings. I would go so far a to say the best Thor and Thanos I have seen drawn. And much of that praise also goes to Mat Lopes and Jay David Ramos. They are a new set for the colors, but it is as if there wasn’t ever a change. Which is great because the way the colors looked brought out so much that was either natural, traditional, or explosive. Though more than anything else had a faded tone to it that really sets this in a world where you would believe cosmic entities like this would battle it out over a hammer. Beyond this, I think I simply loved the way Odinson was drawn here to have evolved so much over a short amount of time. The development didn’t just come from the story, it came from the way he now carries himself. From his calm demeanor to his more humbled appearance this is a different god we are dealing with.

Life will never be the same for the Odinson, but the events of Unworthy Thor #5 prove that he is anything but unworthy for the person he is right now. If the mission was to give us an Odinson who can be just as amazing without his hammer, then this creative team succeeds in every way. Excellent action, driven cast of characters, and satisfying reveal. The fact that even something at the very end could add a new layer to this corner of this world was a plus.

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