Comic Book Review: Wayward #11


Wayward #11At the end of the first arc for Wayward, this series evolved into what it had meant to be with this build up of supernatural events. One where it is now understood the role of our main characters in this world as the new gods. They have the power, but now can they handle the responsibility? That is what comes next as we see how wrong things can go.

Interesting when this new story arc takes place three months later. Just that little bit of information makes you question just what they have been up to since their “awakening”. But what catches your attention more than this is the perspective in narration as we are reintroduced to Tokyo. Which seems more so the same, but from the perspective followed this is just all you notice on the surface. For the first time we are seeing the world through the Nurarihyon’s eyes and this is necessary to grasp what these creatures of old are dealing with now that the new gods are pushing them out. It seemed like the important thing for Jim Zub to do storywise as what better way is there to understand the direction of the series than to see who this affects the most?

This leads us to the thankful capturing of events from where the last arc ended. Where Rori made her declaration of the group as the new gods and the move she made in which the world will never be the same. Off the bat we already know that Rori and friends becoming new gods doesn’t simply mean changes for the best. They are still young, reckless, and much more. It was assumed going into this story arc that we would see the challenges they will face understanding the forces they are tampering with and the first signs were seen fairly fast. What Rori did and has done not only affects those she has declared to wipe out, this has affected her own friends, and even those out there who have the same potential as them. Old gods vs new gods is a whole new ballgame when people who have no idea the world they are stepping into find themselves in harm’s way. This leads to some tense and emotional moments that will have consequences of their own, and of course for Rori in the long run.

But even with all of this there is the surprise appearance at the very end of this issue who is sure to shake things up when he finds who he’s looking for.

This new story arc and issue had plenty visually to take in. Starting with the Nurarihyon as the distinction between his walk through the city and what he was saying made for an interesting moment. Just to see how he walked through the streets like any average person while through his narration he is clearly unhappy with the way things are right now. As the most passable for human of those inhabiting Tokyo, he was the best person for Cummings to make the focus. At the same time the way he concluded that opening hit the mark because you see all these people who Rori declared to wipe out and things really aren’t looking good for them. For the most part in this issue it is the natural character reactions Cummings captures which engages you most. The aggression from Rori, sadness from Ayane, cold demeanor from Nikaido, and emotional trauma Ohara suffers when finally realizing what happened to her parents(though not the reason why). Which might I say also created a stunning display of what she is capable of when under distress.

Tamra Bonvillain you can never ignore because it is through her that you appreciate the beauty and power these characters wield. Rori especially when she decided to push her power to the limit. The colors are necessary to show the intensity of her actions, and specifically the one action which changed everything for the world. The webbing for the spiders as well I thought was a sight to behold because it emphasizes that they are not normal. Aside from this it is just the little things that you notice like natural colors for the scenery, room lighting, highlights, warm colors and all. She is the full package for the kind of story told that takes place on such a massive scale.

Wayward #11 is an exciting start to a new story arc showing how much potential this plot has now that it reached a level of understanding to take flight. The world three months later is not the same, that much we know. But as we now play catch up to recent events we see just why the world is as bleak as it seems for the old gods.

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Exciting start to a new story arc displaying potential of the series moving forward.

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