Comic Book Review: Wayward #12


Wayward #12A war has been waged now that the new gods of Japan have made their statement that they will wash away the old. But where’s the fun if the older generation doesn’t put up a fight? The Nurarihyon has been established as that villain who refuses go do down without one and it starts with a slight manipulation of a teen he was able to reach before them.

If you were still in question about why any of these teens could be called new gods, it has a lot to do with what they are capable of as just individuals. This new character, Segawa Touru is the best example of this next to Rori. One guy who has the world at his fingertips through manipulation of networks. A lot of this plot centers not only around what Rori and friend’s mission is, but the responsibility that comes with the power they wield. Power that The Nurarihyon is taking advantage of through Segawa. Off the bat you can see how wrong things can go when someone like him is untrained and undisciplined. Also what happens you push the wrong button with him. This was an interesting scene because The Nurarihyon is as he says desperate. He has to be in order to force himself to work with someone who is clearly unstable. But it is good for the tension between them as throughout this issue it becomes hard to argue with the reasons The Nurarihyon has against the new gods.

On the other end of this story there is our main characters dealing with what they have to do next. One would have thought that after their declaration of war we would jump straight into conflict, but from the way things look it will be a slow burn reaching that point fully considering Rori’s condition. It feels like right now they are trying to show us the sacrifice they will have to make transitioning into this new life, and the execution has been intense to say the least. Everyone coping differently going from feeling nothing as usual like Nikaido, to an emotional wreck like Ohara after discovering her parents don’t remember her anymore.

Though even with that said Ayane keeps things exciting as only she can with her unpredictability. Probably not for the best knowing the circumstance of the fight she gets into, though this display emphasizes that this is a new world where there is no hiding. They are doing as they said and are on the attack. Nikaido as well manages to surprise you with the control he has demonstrated over his own powers. There has always been some mystery behind the clarity of what he does, and now there is no question with the way he applied those abilities both defensively and offensively showing he can even handle himself.

While Wayward #11 was an introduction into the new world Rori has created, Wayward #12 gets us back on track with some of the things we find favorable about this series. As a supernatural spectacle it remains such through appealing visuals creates through creative powers, fluent fight scenes, and always showing us something new. The one thing this art team never fails to deliver is something new with every passing issue. We are learning about the mythology behind supernatural Japan. This time around we got to see something special from Nikaido, and the Ronin in action. That and getting a taste of what Segawa is capable of with his newfound powers. That said there is still substance to this story which you get from how these characters are drawn as well. That comes with showing the state that they all find themselves in whether lost, angry, frustrated and so forth since these are all very different people coming together with the same end goal.

Wayward #12 gets back to why this series is an acclaimed supernatural spectacle. We got a lot of progress through some character development, an interesting twist that will shake things up going forward, and a conflict found with the points The Nurarihyon makes against the new gods and the chaos they bring with them.

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Stays true to the supernatural spectacle it has always been.

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