Comic Book Review: Wayward #13


Wayward #13Some big developments happened in a short span of time with the last issue. First we now have a new member of the team who is a Ronin. Then we have Rori who now finds herself controlled by a mysterious foe which should have some swift consequences for her friends. And The Nurarihyon is not having the easiest time with his new weapon which is in the form of a teen who pretty much stands for everything he despises about Rori and friends who want to run the Yokai into extinction. Again big things are happening, characters are going through some big changes, and all hell is yet to break loose soon.

The best thing about Wayward as a series is the way the story is told. We’ve had issues focused on each character as individuals be it hero or villain. A strong focus which centered around what you needed to know about them and their connection to the big picture. What you appreciate just as much is the perspective of the villains, as you would call them at this point. Wayward #13 continues the trend of exploring their side to the story. Seeing what the Yokai are going through is exciting because they are pretty desperate to take a stand against the new gods. The Nurarihyon’s perspective is even better because he sees the situation a lot clearer and we see that through him. A lot of things people may not understand about the current state of the world they live in is understood because of The Nurarihyon’s wisdom. He is not going down without a fight, and knowing the direction the future is taking him is fascinating keeping in mind that

Now this issue led us to anticipate a big fight between Yokai and young gods. We got some pretty intense action sequences from this story arc so far, but we go into this clash assuming something bigger lies ahead of us. The clash certainly did not disappoint either as the new gods are in their element. Inaba proving that she is a great addition to the team as she matches Ayane’s level of energy and excitement in battle. This battle also leads to some development in the form of Jorogumo’s voice showing more prominence as she controls Rori’s mind. Shakes things up a bit too with how she confronts the leader of the foxes, Genkuro.

Even with all this action there are still things to read between the lines through this story. Jim Zub throws little things in there that forces you to question the stability of the new gods to carry through with their mission. Some of them are still a bit broken, one of them is under someone elses influence, one of them feels almost nothing, and the others can be a bit too over-the-top with violence which can make others uncomfortable.

Steve Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain really let loose with this growing conflict. There needed to be an escalation and this was that time for it, even if we did jump into it pretty fast. The old foxes were the best of the Yokai to use as an anchor for the escalation of the war because of the aggression they bring to the table. There had to be that group who would not stand for the way the world is changing around them. Their anger, aggression, and habit of jumping into a fight made them the best challenge even though they did seem pretty easy to take on. However what you take from that ease is the fact that The Nurarihyon comes off as the guy who is thinking before he acts. He carries the presence of someone who is full of wisdom in spite of his actions. And with that said it was smart to show those physical signs like the veins on his head when made a little frustrated. Aside from this, Tamra Bonvillain looks to have a good time showing off what Rori is capable of when her powers are in the hands of someone who is experienced. The weaving was wild and untamed which conveys the message of how dangerous the power can be when unchecked.

Wayward #13 aimed to start making some making some waves in this war and nailed it with the ramifications of picking the wrong fight. A lot is set up as well because there has been plenty of subplot with potential to be capitalized upon over time.

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Some can't change with the times and Wayward #13 shows what happens to those who can't.

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