Comic Book Review: Wayward #14


Wayward #14Wayward #13 started making some making some waves in this war and nailed it with the ramifications of picking the wrong fight. Got into our first big fight, some of the new gods question how far thy are willing to take things, and we got to experience what the Yokai are going through as they are pretty desperate to take a stand against the new gods.

For this issue we take on a new perspective to all the mayhem which takes hold of the city. We had the perspective of the new gods, the Yokai, but now is the time we see more of what the outside world thinks of these unfolding events. Now of course with all these supernatural occurrences springing out of nowhere there is the challenge of believing in these things you see or not, though for those who don’t Rori and the gang simply look like a bunch of terrorists. That was the best approach to this because you look at a series like Buffy and people believe in the supernatural now as if it were normal. In this case that is still a tough pill to swallow. Especially when you can’t really tell who are the good guys and bad guys just yet after witnessing all the damage which lies in their wake.

Rori’s dad finally comes into play and it felt inevitable after her mother’s death. Though him coming right at this moment is no coincidence either. This was a surprise worthy of exploration because there is obviously more to him, and that side of her family should be intriguing to learn about.

Now the one thing which remains consistent are the spiders emphasizing that the new god’s work is far from over. And with that said it is good to see that the pacing picks up on this front showing us what we only need to see from the victories they are accumulating over time. It makes it look like they are winning on the surface, though as I’ve stated before, and as from the looks of it in this issue, the tension is in fact becoming too much for this team. They are broken individuals which doesn’t help when unknowingly they are also following the lead of someone who is controlling Rori. With that said, what this leads to between Shirai and Ohara was also inevitable. Not because of a possible relationship, but because of where they seem to stand on the current situation.

As also stated before, The Nurarihyon is a character who would progressively increase with appeal. Wayward #14 delivers with that appeal when you see how his patient game starts to pay-off. This is the guy who told the Yokai to think before they act, and look at them now. The Nurarihyon may be someone they expect us to look at like a villain, and depending on how you look at this he might as well be, but there is no doubting wanting to root for a guy that takes his opportunities as he sees them. Him and Segawa make a team you didn’t think could work.

Visually Wayward #14 is a treat for all the surprises we were in store for. We got to see the way the world is reacting to the new gods through social media, the way the authorities look at them as well. There’s more to Rori’s father than just a man she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with from the display of his conveniently revealed ability. There was also seeing that The Nurarihyon pulls his own strings and knows how to think on his feet when the odds are stacked against him. The layout design to speed up the assaults by the new gods was creative for the webbing and smart for the pacing of the story. Carries that deep meaning that the spiders are manipulating them. Then there was the unique ability Shirai picks up along the way which will really shake things up moving forward. This was a lot to take in and as usual the quality was consistent with previous issues. Overall it is pleasing that the art team tries to always do something new, to give is something interesting to look at with each passing issue.

Wayward #14 changes the direction and stakes of the fight in a big way. Just when we thought things were heading down a certain path, all it took was the right motivation to make us think again. This keeps the story fresh, and the characters from becoming stagnant.

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Action-packed with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers guessing.

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