Comic Book Review: Wayward #24


On one end of the world it is a fight for survival and a struggle through a period of personal evolution. On the other end of the world you have an adventure for the fate of the supernatural world. After everything gained and lost up to this point, there is now meaning given to what Rori and company are fighting for, and what they have to fear if they do not succeed. Still some big questions to be answered with that said, which is why we are excited for this next issue of Wayward.

This issue picks up with Rori leading the journey into Tir na nOg, the home of Irish Sidhe. Where this story takes us is big because we are actively moving towards one of the major problems that plague this world. It was a breath of fresh air once we were able to understand why there was this growing tension between the older generation and the new. It wasn’t just about the Sidhe or the Yokai being forgotten, it was about losing that power which made them revered as creatures of myth/gods. When you had that in mind there was a greater sense of anticipation for what came next. Pulling this off would be easier said than done, especially when they all know the danger that they are stepping into. Now when that action hit, that was where they had us because the confrontation with the inhabitants of Tir na nOg could only have gone one way. You were interested in this moment for what Rori could do against these foes, while also wondering how the other three would hold up using guns of all things.

What you were really looking forward to was what would happen when they come across the guy on the cover. That was clearly a character of importance that they would run into in Tir na nOg. There were plenty of things to look forward to, but what actually came of this mission was crushing. I’ll hand it to this creative team, they set us up for quite the turn of events. Something bad was going to happen, but you couldn’t have expect the result to be so grim. Not after everything Rori and her friends have been through up to this point. I mean they had us for a good second in excitement, and then stripped us of that moment almost immediately. How this very issue ends will leave some readers going crazy without a doubt when likely the next issue will take us back to Japan.

It goes without saying that Rori is a tough cookie to crack at this stage. You can see that there is still pain and frustration from losing Ayane, and at the same time anger from the fact that she is practically being manipulated despite the good intentions. However, these are emotions you know she is struggling with since they can only hold her back from completing the mission at hand. With that said, the exploration of what she is capable of in Ireland and beyond grabs your attention just a bit more. Her control here opened up for so many possibilities.

You were looking for that next stunning visual from this art team after what they delivered in Wayward #23, and they did continue to outdo themselves. Almost everything about this issue’s interiors was beautiful. If there’s one thing they do very well, it is create gorgeous natural settings. And they were able to take things a step further when stepping into Tir na nOg meant that they could twist and mold a natural setting into something magical and out of the ordinary. Levitating structures, rocks, tress, all of it that you could only find in a place like this. The colors and scenery like they said here was lush and vibrant. It was nice to have the exact words to go along with what we were observing from this place. The character’ reaction to all of this were just like your own when seeing is believing for this world to exist. When it came to the action, I loved being able to see Rori take full advantage of what her powers allow her to do. Up till now there has been one spell or another, but I hope I speak for most when I say that the true fun comes from the physical prowess she takes up from knowing where and how to move in a fight. Those red strings were everywhere and captivating for the shapes they took, the symbols they weaved, and much more. Things got quite explosive through the colors when she and some of these more power foes let loose. But that last scene of this issue… The emotion poured into that action and the expression which followed was jaw-dropping.

Wayward #24 was everything exciting that you could ask for from a journey into the unknown, but also painful when you now know the depths in madness that comes from a fight for magic. I mean who really won here? Because I can tell you who didn’t and that was the toughest pill to swallow as we await the next issue that will pick up from here.

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