Comic Book Review: Wayward #25


When you first jumped into Wayward excited about this war between new gods and old gods, I don’t think anyone was expecting the direction this story would take to this point. You sit there thinking how awesome it would be for these kids to take their place as the new generation. To beat out this old generation that doesn’t want to move on with the times. However, this has been heartbreaking every step of the way. We’ve lost Ayane, some of their powers have been spiraling out of control, and now you have Rori’s father putting a knife into her back?

As the finale to another story arc, this was a tough time for readers as you can only take so much of what these issues tend to have in store for us. I mean what more can this creative team do to these kids as if they aren’t struggling enough? Off the bat I enjoyed the approach here for the fact that it isn’t simply focusing on Japan or Ireland. They are giving us a bit of both worlds.

In that moment where Rori was stabbed, that was where things got truly wild. There was no telling what exactly would happen in that moment. This could have been the end for Rori, it could have led to a greater power released, it could just be the means to an end. Where this took Rori and us was a journey that you could only experience through her and her power. Once again we could see just how amazing it is for someone to have her level of control over The Weave. What it shows us, where it takes us, so many opportunities of exploration open up and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. Especially when we are now also getting an idea as to what period of time this is all taking place.

I like that as I mention what this story was meant to be, we finally got back to the hard-hitting questions about this destiny. There had to be a point where someone had to question if this is all worth it. You would too if everything was one unfortunate event after the next just for the sake of power. We’ve seen what sacrifice is like in similar stories to Wayward, but you can appreciate here that they aren’t trying to hold our hands in terms of what actual sacrifice looks like. That is when it isn’t just your friends in danger, but your family to. And we learned that the hard way the minute Rori was first to lose someone she loved (her mom).

Steve Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain knocked it out of the park once again. With each passing issue this story arc we have been treated to something visually stunning about these Wayward kids and their growing powers. A number of them using their powers in new ways whether terrifying in scope or stunning in terms of what they are now capable of. This time around it was Rori pushing things to the limit as we took a walk with her through The Weave. How they did so this time around was refreshing for there was more control to what is being shown through Rori. Lets not forget how awesome it looks once again to have a story told through The Weave and have the ribbons creating the panel borders page to page. It never ceases to amaze me how they design the way the ribbons take shape, form, and intertwine without coming off flat. Such a wonderful use of reds and warm  colors in general. The emotions expressed through these characters was so raw and organic when they are all under pressure given their situations. So many feelings could be seen clashing and working off of one another to make the point that everything is connected.

Fates tied together was a strong message they sent through this end to another story arc. They accomplished this beautifully by showing us what it means to actually understand destiny and defy it. Getting to where they are now was never going to be a walk in the park or without losses along the way. Wayward #25 blasted open the doors to what can be, what could be, and can still hold them back when the fight is far from over.

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