Comic Book Review: Wayward #28


Dark times are coming for these kids when the stronger they get, calls for a more dangerous response from the enemy. This month’s Wayward was one to anticipate when faced with an enemy who can probably run through them all on its own. I want to get excited for the best outcome, but that doesn’t seem to be this kind of story, does it?

There’s plenty of things that took me for a loop in this series to process, but I think the first scene of this issue has topped it so far. The most heartbreaking scene of the series may have a twist to it, and not at all in the way you would have imagined. This right here is why I love the magic and myth to this story. You never truly know the way that power works in Japan until the moment comes for us to be exposed to it in new and unique ways. The involvement of cats was as creative as it gets, and that instantly stirred up many questions that I was not prepared for at such a time in the main story.

That opening scene was the perfect distraction from what was really unfolding since the issue before. That of course being the Nurarihyon unleashing this terrible creature, the Oni, upon the world. He has gone to such great lengths on his end to preserve the world he believes belongs to the Yokai. I never thought he would go this far, but that is how serious and desperate he is at this point. I’m not going to lie, I really didn’t think much of this Oni when it was first created and introduced. It looked like your average giant brute, like an ogre. Quickly seeing that it was more than what it looked like on the surface was important and really set the tone for what was to come. The size difference alone said more than enough, and then the first clash set the scene for what was not going to be pretty. It made a big difference that this Oni had a mind of its own. The dialogue given to the Oni made every action matter, and made sure that there was something to fear from him beyond being a solider for the Nurarihyon.

Catching up with the wayward kids, it was still quite shocking to adjust to this new change in Shirai. And that was only the start of what we would have to process when there was the anticipation of what would happen when they took the bait for this creature attacking innocents in the city. How they approached this was interesting because it was not their usual plan of attack in contrast to the threats they have faced before. The two fronts they fought on provided two different experiences that I would call pretty memorable. Not memorable in the way you would think if looking forward to the wayward kids making their big heroic stand, but memorable for everything that simply makes your jaw drop between what makes you excited about their growth, and despair knowing that destiny doesn’t come without price.

Excellent work from this art team if you ask me. First of all I loved the new look of Shirai upon his revival. It seems like with every power-up he gets, he becomes even less human than he was before. The eye on his forehead, topped with the skin that keeps turning pale, and the addition of the energy that now flows from him creates an intense image of someone you probably don’t want to mess with. I particularly loved the symbols placed on his body that makes him look for distinguished. Then there’s the Oni. I was impressed by the composition of this demon. Great form to his muscular structure thanks to the inking used on him specifically, and his movements match the intensity you want to be convinced of from this behemoth.  With that said, I also liked the detail that went into the setting around this demon as well. It takes a strong attention to detail in order to capture a city like this being torn apart the way it was. Overall, this was everything you imagined when thinking about a big climatic fight breaking loose. The colors used for this issue were both explosive and fantastical.

Wayward #28 throws everyone right into the fray, and I don’t think there has been a bigger stage then now for either success or failure. This issue laughs in the face of anyone who was really hyped up for a turnaround, but even then this remains a story where you expect the unexpected. Especially when there’s still one special element introduced that can still shake things up.

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