Comic Book Review: Weapon H #12


Who really would have thought that a book like this could take us all the way to Weirdworld? Colored me surprised that between last year and this year we could have two series end with an adventure there and back. It has been unique and memorable because no experience in this realm is ever the same. Not now in particular when you have the likes of Dario Agger himself meddling with the very forces that make this world tick.

I can still recall the initial reactions to the introduction of Clay as Weapon H. It was hard for anyone to be able to see him as anything other than a clone with a twist. You know, just another Hulk or claw person. Fortunately for us Greg Pak approached this with a vision for a character who breaks the mold. Not your average monster like everyone else. Following this journey with Clay has been a thrill because he has the one thing that the others lack. People to fight for. To take things a step further, he also maintains a level of control that others also wish they had. Everything about Clay centered around a monster who was aware of what he is and how the rest of the world looks at him. That is what made this story arc so engaging. All of this was put to the test in a big way and you couldn’t help but admire what he was able to accomplish in spite of having every button pushed by the likes of Dario Agger. The introduction of Sonia made things even better seeing how she could add her own brand of individualism and heroics. Anyone could write her in and use her as the damsel in distress, but Pak found a role for Sonia to play which made her someone with everything to lose and little patience for the games.

This last stretch of the story was worth looking forward to because Clay and Sonia turned the tables in a big way. They proved that there is more to getting what you want than killing or manipulating. They played this by the book and had fun doing it for the fortitude carried from start to finish. I mean, where is the fun when if the heroes aren’t usually able to fight back against Darrio?

What I find so exciting about the use of Darrio Agger is the way he challenges heroes. This is a guy who knows what they stands for and uses that against them, any way that he can. It was enjoyable to even reach that point in this story where Darrio would unleash the Minotaur inside. Because of the synopsis and cover, you already knew it was coming, but that didn’t stop the moment from still managing to excite. That last act of defiance to hold on to Weirdworld said so much about this guy and what he is willing to do to make a fortune. Especially now that he has his part to play in the “War of The Realms”.

Where do I even start with this one? Weapon H #12 certainly has one of the best covers of the series, that much is for sure. Till the bitter end I admired the way that Guiu Vilanova drew these characters. Always aiming for these characters to look engaging, which makes such a big difference when all these opposing forces have a stake in what’s going on in Weirdworld. The poker faces of Dario Agger, the frustration from others he’s manipulated, the cold confidence that both Clay and Sonia carry, and let’s not forget some of the humorous expressions which are worth taking note of for the way that they emphasize the chaotic nature of this story. What stood out in this last chapter was the fact that Dario got serious enough to turn into his Minotaur form. The execution of that scene was chilling because he is as much a monster as Weapon H or anyone else. The Hulk-like form, piercing red eyes, all of it added to the intimidation we needed to get from him. As for the colors, once again I loved the unique shade of purple/pink that is used for Morgan’s aura. It’s intense and powerful which are two words you would want to use to describe her. That aside, quality and consistency of the color selection made the visuals of this arc fantastical.

Weapon H #12 was a perfect conclusion to a story that leaves you wanting to see more of Weapon H, Clay, and Sonia. Heck, I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot of these characters again. This creative team made every character appearance stick with you from start to finish. Weapon H stands out because this book found consistency in giving is adventure, a personal journey, action, and what a real marriage looks like in this line of work.

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