Comic Book Review: Witchblade #1


I’ve always seen the hype around the Witchblade series, both the old and the new stories. I felt like this new #1 issue could be the best opportunity to get in on the excitement. Especially considering that each time someone new wields this artifact gains a power that is different from the person who had it before.

The way this story starts is interesting since the first page of this issue begins with our main character gunned down and left for dead on a New York rooftop. From there, everything is leading up to this tragic moment for Alex Underwood. If you were like me, then you probably already started with a number of questions in mind about this book, though that alone adds so much more to follow. Not a bad thing of course since it does seem that at times it takes being thrust into a the moment of death to become host to the Witchblade. With that said, the build-up in suspense worked since until she awakens that power, she was completely unsuspecting of what comes her way even with the warnings.

Alex Underwood as a main character took some time to warm up to, though only because you had to get past the part of her that was clearly being haunted by this power calling out to her. A point of interest considering you don’t normally expect the wielder to feel this terrified of that voice calling out to them. Sure this force wants to help her, but that is not the impression you would get both mentally or visually. There was a solid atmosphere of horror centered around this as well when you get to know Alex through her past. You could understand why she would have such a hard time dealing with what’s going on in the present when there’s so much she has endured in the past as well.

When the time for answers a came, I found myself satisfied with the explanation of what is happening to Alex and what is going on around her. It was a well executed moment that wasted little time in proving to Alex that she needed to believe in these events unfolding. If you are someone new to Witchblade, then these few pages were necessary to connect you to what this story is at the core. Sometimes it isn’t enough to say what the Witchblade is, you have to show it as well for the full understanding. The only question they do leave you with at the end of this issue is what exactly it is that Alex can do with this power. We’ve seen some who wield swords, some who show great strength, though for Alex it looks as though she received something different from those we got glimpses of.

The artwork was a big selling point for me personally. When I’ve read things here and there about Witchblade, the one thing that always stuck out about this series was how stunning the interior artwork usually was. This new story was no different through the art team of Roberta Ingranata and Bryan Valenza. When a story involves fighting demons and what have you, there is a part of you that expects things to get a bit dark. The color choice definitely gave this story that tone through both dark and pale pallets. Aside from that, every scene that Alex was sent back to created that message where sh overcame some brutal situations and still had one to avoid. It was an interesting way of capturing that ability to see visions of the past and future. Now with that said, there were only some panels here and there where what was happening within them wasn’t all too clear. That is definitely something they should want to make sure isn’t a consistent problem down the road. It’s easy to become distracted by things that ruin the flow of a scene.

Witchblade #1 was a solid start to a new vessel to this host. Alex Underwood is a character who hasn’t seemed to have the best luck in making a big difference, but with the power she is now granted, maybe that luck will turn around? For better or for worse her life has changed completely. From here it is all about seeing what Alex does with this power and this threat that would love nothing more than to see her dead before she becomes too strong.

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