Comic Book Review: X-23 #6


Its new story arc time for Laura and Gabby. Now that they have survived their close encounter with the Stepford Cuckoos, they are once again free to do what they do best. What makes X-23 such a great solo book from the X-Men world is that there is a strive to be more than just another where there is a bunch of hacking and slashing. Laura has grown to become someone who values more than the next fight and proves that through the missions she takes.

The mission for this new story arc was very different if you had expectations in what Laura and Gabby would do next. While the last story arc left you with a lot to look forward to from Laura, this one instantly felt like a winner for Gabby. Switching things up to a regular school setting was a great change of pace if you are her. There are plenty of things that Gabby has not been exposed to, and this is one of them. Probably one of the biggest considering she is not the kind of kid who knows how to keep a low profile. Even if this was going to get intense for the reason they are undercover at this school, the first pages leave you with the comfort that this would also be fun. In actuality it was a lot of fun. Gabby got her first taste of what it feels like to be a kid who has to play by school rules without hacking someone to pieces for crossing a line.

With Laura being who she is, it was also a point of interest to see how she could integrate into a normal school setting. That alone was worth the smile just seeing the kind of role she would fit in a school. At first I was prepared for something that would throw her outside of her comfort zone, but it was wise to give her a position that was more up her alley. One where she could be as intense as she can be without the risk of blowing her cover.

This story moved pretty fast. I was expecting a lot more undercover work from these two to get to the bottom of what made this school a target of interest. It wasn’t bad because of that, but when you are jumping into new territory like this for Laura and Gabby, you certainly want a bit more time to savor the experience. Can’t say I was all too shocked by the pacing either since most issues of X-23 come and go. Credit where it is due that within these issues there is a still a lot that happens regardless which isn’t something to overlook. By the end of this issue we still got to the source of what brought this duo to the source of their investigation. It was a highlight moment for Gaby who had the opportunity to fight someone her own size. She had fun with this one, and that alone makes this memorable in contrast to what they have done up to this point.

The artwork for this issue was different in the best way. It’s not every day that you will see Laura and Gabby trying to integrate in a normal setting, so to see them in normal clothing was a cool change. Gabby might still have those scars on her face no matter what different clothes she wears, but that didn’t change the fact that her bubbly personality matched the environment she put herself into. Like most issues before, it was the energy put into Gabby’s expressions that really set the mood for the story. There’s nothing you can take too seriously when she always has this optimistic outlook on everything going on around her. Especially when faced with those who aren’t so nice. It helped seeing how Gabby could work off of someone her own size, age, and holding the same eagerness about the role they played. The excessive amount of pink was distressing, but that also made this person of interest contrasting to other obstacles they have faced.

X-23 #6 was a one and done story that was worth telling if you wanted to see Gabby where she shines best. I’m impressed that even though this series is called X-23, liberties are taken to make sure that we are getting the best of both worlds from Laura and Gabby. Their dynamic and bond is what we invest in.

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