Comic Book Review: X-Men Blue #1


Now I must say that after X-Men Prime #1 I started to build up hope for the future of the X-Men, then after X-Men Gold #1 I felt satisfied, and from there I’m just pushing forward with the excitement in taking us back to solid storytelling. X-Men Blue is the start of how they are trying to rebuild this team which is what we needed since up till now they have scattered a bit in different directions.

From the start of this debut they establish the new structure of this team. As I said about X-Men Prime, who they choose to be their new leader is smart, and it is about damn time Jean took up this role. If you asked me concerning the original X-Men from back when I would have said she was too out of control. If you asked me about Jean during the earlier times they were trapped in this time period, I would have said she was too reckless. But the Jean we have now? She is worthy of that role as leadership and it was only a matter of time before she stepped up to the plate.

Having this opportunity to explore what it means to be heroes on their own they jumped into pretty quick. I’m sure that some might wonder what led to where they are now, but still satisfying to see them like the Gold team rising to the call. Off the bat I enjoyed that we see them coordinating as a team. There’s nothing engaging about jumping into a fight guns ablaze. If a team is to be a team, then they have to act like it through strategy and through realizing the priority in what it means to be a hero. That last part most importantly because when you lose that focus, then you lose the mission statement of the X-Men. Especially for the kind of team they were in their time and the kind of heroes they need to be now. There’s still some work for them, but unlike other team this is an experience which they capture consistently.

Now when I saw the previews, I wasn’t too blown away that they were probably only facing Black Tom as an obstacle. Didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would seriously give even the young X-Men a run for their money. Let alone the kind of conflict that would threaten tearing them apart. However, when this other face reveals himself, that is when things got exciting. Probably one of the last villains you would have expected them to run into, yet at the same time brings about an exciting twist to a classic rivalry because these two forces haven’t clashed just yet. It sent chills for the fact that  they threw a monster like this at the team so early on. Well played because the way they solved this problem filled in some gaps that some readers like myself were missing out on pre-IvX. Some specifics here and there may be vague, but small things you roll with like “Hey! Beast can use magic!”.

I can admit that I was a bit skeptical about the interior artwork at first for this book when first setting eyes upon the cover. Flipping open that first page was another story and I was impressed by the effort they put into the pencils and colors. If there was anything that could have killed some of the appeal for the X-Men books in the past, it had to be the questionable style they chose for these books. They didn’t capture enough real about the X-Men or how intense their world can be. Speaking of world, I enjoyed the way they paid close attention to everything about the settings whether it was how precise the inside of the ship is, the beauty of the sea, or the craziness that comes with controlling collateral damage. The new costume designs for the original X-Men I can dig. I will say it took some time to adjust to this change, though only because I had to really be able to see it from all perspectives through the duration of a full issue. They kept things classic in terms of style, and more than that they took us back to spandex which so far is working across the board with the X-Men as a whole. With that said, I also felt very on board with the changes to Black Tom and a certain notable villain.

When we come to understand the purpose of this team by the end of X-Men Blue #1, I am instantly pulled in because someone got what was lost about this team when they first saw what their future had in store for them. Two main titles so far for the X-Men are worth it, that says a lot about Marvel getting their crap together.

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