Comic Book Review: X-Men Gold #26


The heart warms that this relationship between Kitty and Peter could finally happen. That is of course despite the fact that Marvel has the tendency to mishandle marriages often. There aren’t many that will happen and either be ignored or overwritten not too long after. You almost worry that the idea is just to build some hype for a quick sale. I could only hope that is not the case here when this is big for fans in the X-Men community. With that said, this story should be a trip when something like a marriage does not happen without jumping through some hoops for it to be possible.

Having said that, it doesn’t change the fact that these two are simply meant to be. The little flashback of how they met was a nice reminder of how they were pretty much fated to be together. What I do appreciate however is that they are not shying away from what does come between the two. That obviously being their job as X-Men. Both Kitty and Peter have had their fair share of trials between far off adventures, close-calls with death, or facing death itself. When they got serious, those were some dangerous times in general. There were some heartwarming moments in this issue, though not without those which shook things up for the worst. This was the issue where we needed most to brace for what would make these two getting to their wedding date a struggle. The challenge was both mental and physical. The physical struggle of course what catches us off guard by the last page since this evil alliance is going to be one heck of a handful.

This final confrontation with an old foe was a point of interest for how this involved Rachel. Its been hard to put our finger on what’s going on with her, but the excitement of what happens when she clashes with this old foe never disappoints. I mean this is pretty new territory as there are very few who can give a mutant telepath a run for their money like this guy.

A sidenote, I’m still very much digging the fact that once again we have Storm with her hammer. Quite taken back however that she is still in control of herself. I do hope that sooner rather than later they will address what is going on there because you don’t level up like this without some response. Another thing I did love here was the insertion of the mutant problem. While this is a problem years addressed, we must never let it be ignored if the bigotry is still a thing. Kitty’s exchange hit home and I like that there was an honest approach for once that wasn’t generic.

The art team for this issue I enjoyed for one that is fairly new to me. The pencil work here was impressive for the focus on character expressions and actions. When it comes to the X-Men, you want a little energy put into their actions and interactions, and to that extent Michele Bandini delivered. While I loved the detail created through the colors, I do feel as though in some areas of the interior art they could have used some stronger shadows or inks for depth. This of course could be viewed differently as at the same time you could argue there is a lot of sunlight they are working with due to the settings. With that said, the colors had a strong range to them. It helped that there was a lot of natural tones used and they blended very well whether concerning the skin tones, clothing, or natural elements.

X-Men Gold #26 was a good start to what will lead to a long-awaited wedding. I think I found myself more satisfied with the idea that they didn’t just jump into the wedding like some others would. This is taking steps to that point, where just about anything can go because these are X-Men we are dealing with here. Even if they get their happy ending, it will come at a price.

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