Comic Book Review: X-Men: Gold #9


That was one heck of a threat to throw the X-Men’s way, and one who surprisingly managed to do some damage along the way. This felt like another test for the team and it is hard to say whether they succeeded or simply survived the experience. Either way what comes next was something to anticipate. Since Kitty took over we have gotten back to a place where first world problems matter a little more. Including dealing with the politics of those who cause them harm through slander and harmful bills such as the one they have to deal with now.

Now with that said, it was an interesting choice for Kitty to take Peter along with her to meet up with congress. No matter how you spin it, even with experience Colossus still doesn’t have his powers to be roper muscle for her. I get that not all heroes need powers, though X-Men problems can get a bit more complicated than for other heroes. It almost felt like a way to push these two closer together which in all honesty doesn’t feel too necessary. The same as I feel about the idea of Rachel and Nightcrawler together. Some really do well when they aren’t distracted by relationships or the drama/cliche that comes with them. That aside, this was a beautiful scene written for Kitty. It was in fact a scene you probably could only get out of someone like Kitty who can talk so diplomatically and with reason. I feel this is how most conversations would go and should if the writers didn’t want to tip-toe around the obvious.

How they decide on this Mutant Deportation Act is what shakes things up. Deep down I’m sure that most of us were probably ready for the most reasonable decision for it, but I appreciate that this isn’t one of those stories. Guggenheim is not afraid to give the X-Men a challenge that will seriously uproot their lives. It’s not a problem the mutants have had to face as of late and it is refreshing for not turning into another extinction level event.

There was another development here. I did find it hard to figure out how I felt about it because part of me did feel like it came out of left field. Not to say the motivation of this villain who surfaced didn’t match the situation Kitty found herself in, but it was hard to see how this would progress the story. This includes the actions taking place in Russia. The villain returning is one that would be cool to see in action once again, but there will have to be a good reason for all of this finding relevance with what the X-Men are currently dealing with.

When it came to the artwork this issue I would say there were mixed feelings about what we got from this team. There were things which stood out as appealing. Majority of the characters drawn did look good. They had detail and form to them up close or in action, but on the flipside there was problems with drawing the female characters. There was a lack of features in their faces that didn’t sell their expressions or reactions at all. Rachel for example looked flat which didn’t help when selling us on this relationship that is suddenly blossoming between her and Nightcrawler. The settings at the very least kept things engaging where the characters didn’t deliver like they should have. I was surprised to see two colorists on this issue when usually there might be two or more artists instead. You couldn’t really see a difference between them which is a plus. The colors as a whole at least made the artwork pop during key moments. Especially in terms of a certain Russian villain who was quite electrifying with his whip.

New struggle and more problems await the X-Men when they just can’t seem to catch a break. Even when showing that they are the heroes these people don’t deserve. X-Men Gold #9 gets a little shaky when they decide these relationships need to happen, and Russia doesn’t quite fit into this yet, but we are exploring problems the X-Men haven’t faced in a long time which is the big takeaway.

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