Best Comic Book Story Arc of 2013


Comics build on themselves. It’s like watching a television show. The story is not told in just one issue. Like with a television series it takes multiple installments to tell the entire story. So today we focus on the story arcs that were the most exciting, thrilling, heartbreaking or fun to read. Like with the previous lists each choice is that of the individual contributor and thus is in no particular order.

th (4)Mark Pritchard

Jason Aaron’s Godbutcher arc on Thor: God of Thunder. A story that featured three different Thor’s, a great bad-guy and fantastic art from Essad Ribic.

Mike Okeke

Wolverine and the X-Men’s five part Hellfire Saga: This story arc pretty much wraps up most of Jason Aaron’s plot threads from the series start set in an evil school for mutants run by villains. The fight between Wolverine’s X-Men and the Hellfire Academy is truly epic, giant volcano monsters vs Iceman inside of an Ice Voltron, a new Black Queen (literally) of the Hellfire Club and Logan using the Bamf’s as his teleportation sniffing dogs.

Jeremy James

The Dark Knight #10-15 (Cycle of Violence)
This story arc spanned the new year, and although most fans were reading one of the other Batman books, I was personally deep into this horrific tale of fear and imprisonment. Written by Gregg Hurwitz and penciled by David Finch, this tale reads more like “The Cell”, “Silence of the Lambs” or some other dungeon horror flick. The Scarecrow actually succeeds in kidnapping and imprisoning The Dark Knight, while planning a mass gassing of Gotham with Fear Toxin. This arc is reminiscent of a psychological thriller, and I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for a Scarecrow origin telling, which this story also has. We see a side of Dr. Crane that is seldom told. The art is chilling, creepy and aggressive, and fans of Scarecrow shouldn’t ignore this one.

Jideobi SiphenDeathmatch-2-Cover

Best story arc to me has to be he first story arc to Deathmatch. It’s a book that centers around heroes forced to fight to the death. Which some of us may look at as nothing new, but Paul Jenkins turned it into something so intricate that you are left second guessing your idea of what is really going on. Nothing was ever as it seemed and the very end is a real tear jerker.

Ian Yoxon

For story arcs to come out this year I would have to say it would be Cross World, the first four issues of the Batman/Superman series. The story tells of the young Batman and Superman teaming up way before the New 52 Justice League origin. Not only do they meet for the first time but we also see a team up with the Superman and Batman of Earth 2. It sets the stage for Earth 2 and the Justice League origin with introducing new characters like the Trickster and explains why Darkside comes to alternate earths.

It’s just something you would enjoy. Especially how Superman and Batman of Earth 2 became the best of friends. It shows how different our heroes are to Earth 2’s heroes, which kinda reminds me of the old DC universe. It’s not a bad thing but it will probably please a lot of old DC fans.

2946790-quantum+&+woodySam Burgess

Quantum & Woody: The World’s Worst Superhero Team – Before this series began I had never read a comic featuring Quantum or Woody. James Asmus delightfully introduced these characters to me and now I’m a huge fan of them. As well as gracefully introducing me to Valiant this arc also planted a huge smile on my face, the comedy is genius. Plenty of laughs left my body during each and every issue, Quantum & Woody is definitely my funniest series of the year. Tom Fowler’s artwork is fantastic too, the facial expressions and page layouts have enhanced the arc to perfection

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