Captain Marvel #1 Group Review


Since we at Geeked Out Nation are such huge fans of Captain Marvel, we couldn’t have been any more excited to finally get our hands on the relaunch of one of our favorite series. You’ve already read our full review but our other contributors wanted to put their two cents in as well as such huge fans. Here’s what we all thought of Captain Marvel #1. 

Jideobi Odunze

I have to say that for a #1, Captain Marvel really aspired to be something new. Of course it could always just be another story arc and continue from where it left off, though with this story there isn’t the baggage of that illness which affected her powers. Now with that said, I admire this kind of book as one of those which carefully balances characters such as Carol’s personal life and her life as Captain Marvel. This was a very down to Earth story which showed the stress that everything up to now Carol has dealt with, and giving her that need to take a step back to explore what it is that she really needs this moment to make her happy. Personally what I loved most about this issue was seeing a relationship that no one really saw coming. It was one that I approve of and hope that it isn’t as short-lived as it seems. I mean many would put Carol and Steve together, though this one certainly would catch you off guard.

Captain Marvel really has direction which you want from a book like this. Kelly Sue understands her and knows where she wants to take Carol from here. Space really would be that next step, looking at the crew she picks up along the way you do also feel drawn to the diversity amongst them. Aside from this the art was well done as I liked that there weren’t any heavy use of colors. This was a very good start for one of Marvel’s top female heroes as she moves to bigger things in search for herself. 9.2/10

Kate Coenen

If you’ve been curious about joining the Carol Corps, Captain Marvel #1 provides a great jumping-on point; I read a little bit of Carol Danvers’s adventures in the previous Captain Marvel series, so when I heard Marvel was rebooting the series for the All-New Marvel Now I knew I had to add it to my pull list. This first issue skillfully balances alien adventure and down-to-earth character drama, and I hope that the rest of the series keeps this balance. While I look forward to seeing Captain Marvel explore the galaxy, her earthbound ensemble cast provides a fun mix of personalities that bring out different parts of Carol’s character, especially kid sidekick Lt. Trouble and love-interest Rhodey.

Seeing Carol punch her way across an alien world excited me. Because I’m not well-versed in the sci-fi aspects of the Marvel Universe, I’ll be seeing new places alongside her. Between this new Captain Marvel series and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, I feel like Marvel’s creating the next Star Wars. Join the Carol Corps. See exciting new planets. You don’t want to miss this. 9.5/10

Ian Yoxonth (1)

I’m a big fan of Captain Marvel. I enjoyed every issue of the last volume of the series. Despite my dislike of her hair when I first heard of Carol becoming Captain Marvel. It was an enjoyable series that even got me interested in Ms. Marvel. So I was saddened when the series got cancelled, but did a small happy dance when I heard it was coming back.

After reading the new first issue, I have to say was an enjoyable read. It pretty much sets the story of Captain Marvel in space. It’s nice to see Carol Danvers along with familiar characters that appeared in the last volume, even if they’re only in it for one issue. While I like the concept of space travel, I fear that this is all the new volume is about. I’m not sure how long that can successfully last. 8.4/10

Soup Owens – Fowler

We are very privileged to be witnessing the Next Big Thing. Captain Marvel is an A lister on par with Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. Carol Danvers has come a long way in the talented hands of Kelly Sue DeConnick, and as the title of the story arc suggests, she’s not even close to being started. After the last volume closed we left Carol with no memory of herself yet an unquenchable desire to fill her own shoes, the first arc of the newest volume, Higher, Further, Faster, More, takes us into space where she is searching for herself while kicking ass and helping those in need, otherwise known as Thursday. It’s a perfect setting for a character that is at home equally on the street and among the stars. This is where you start if you want to get on board to see what makes Captain Marvel the publisher’s newest and brightest star. With gorgeous art by David Lopez and DeConnick’s signature voice, you cannot do better. It’s Captain Marvel…IN SPACE!!! Go buy it already! 9.8/10

Draven Katayama (loudlysilent)

Kelly Sue DeConnick writes some of the best internal monologue in comics. In this issue, we see Carol Danvers struggling to leave Earth because of her devotion to the people in her life: Kit Renner, the adorable girl who plays sidekick and goes by “Lieutenant Trouble”; Tracy, the wise older friend and sometimes surrogate mother figure; and Rhodey, Carol’s new love interest and fellow Avenger. Despite her ties to them, Carol has always been an independent spirit, and the offer of representing the Avengers in space is too good to pass up. DeConnick is a pro at connecting Carol with childhood dreams that every reader can relate with. Carol’s monologue at the end of the issue just might make you cry.

David Lopez’s art shines in this issue. Known for his X-Men (2010-2013) art, Lopez is an expert in using different panel sizes in a page layout. This issue’s scene of Carol and Rhodey intercepting an alien vessel shows beautiful interplay of large and small panels, all brought to life by Lee Loughridge’s vibrant colors.

This issue gets a perfect socre: for the rare writing ability possessed by DeConnick to make readers feel the longing that a character has; for Lopez’s art which flows effortlessly from large city shots to intimate apartment conversations; and for the depth in personality of Carol’s supporting cast, shown by Kit and her mom, Marina Renner, Rhodey, and new character Tic. Great debut of this volume, Kelly Sue and David! 10/10

Andy Hamilton

Captain Marvel #1 is a fun-filled first issue that I (as someone who is not familiar with the character,) found to be an overall enjoyable introduction. For starters, this issue contained multiple Star Wars references; both in the form of outright jokes and the fact that the planet that the opening few pages is set feels reminiscent of Tatoine. The Captain’s crew had the charming vibe of any good sci-fi crew and seemed to have a Firefly-esque feel to them. Half of the issue was action-packed (which added to the fun vibe,) and the other was predominantly amusing dialogue (particularly, a part about feeding a cat that made me laugh out loud,) that rivaled that of many a popular sitcom. This issue also featured both Iron Man and Iron Patriot, which is always nice. The overall plot structure of the issue was rather well-written and leads into the upcoming arc but without the feeling of the issue ending too abruptly. I enjoyed that the story was written for established fans of the character (based upon the references to and the characters from other portions of the Captain’s canon,) but was also incredibly new-reader friendly. In fact, by not pulling any punches regarding prior canon, it almost serves as a sort of “welcome” gesture to new readers and a promise of things to come. In regard to the art, the aspect that stood out to me the most was the adept use of colors (even for the dialogue boxes). Overall, it was a very entertaining experience. 9.0/10

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