Jupiter’s Legacy #3 Review


Wow so things are just moving along this book at a breakneck speed. There isn’t much time to slow down either as revelations and manipulations that are spoken of are put into play fast and furious with some major consequences and ramifications that should start to hit the reader next issue, provided this pace keeps going. I have to say though that I am pleasantly surprised that as each issue progresses we do learn more about the characters involved and that as you decide who you like and dislike the tide can change instantly.
Uncle Walter is doing his damndest to make sure his nephew removes his father from the playing field ensuring his way of life is going to be the one people follow. Now i’m really unsure if he’s serious about working with the government of if that’s a smokescreen but either way it’s being played effectively right now. Though i have a sneaking suspicion that he’s doing all this set himself up as the major player. It wouldn’t surprise me if after Brandon were to take out his dad that Uncle Walter steps in apprehends Brandon and makes himself the supreme good guy with another hidden agenda in all of it.
Then of course the ongoing drama between Hutch and Chloe is taking something of center stage this issue as we learn that her parents know about her pregnancy and her relationship and are bound and determined to help her out and get her to do the right thing. They’ve even offered to adopt the baby though i think that is a tad extreme and even with Hutch talking to Mr. Sampson about going straight and loving his daughter, could you or would you trust the son of one of your greatest foes?
The whole scene with Chloe and her mother at the house really needs to be seen to be believed because i’ve read it about a dozen times and i’m still somewhat in shock and awe as to what’s occurred. All the while Uncle Walter has simultaneously been attacking the Utopian by using his own team to do the dirty work and his nephew to deliver the coup de grace. What i really enjoyed however is seeing Hutch’s reaction to it all and knowing he had to save Chloe and how he went about it.
Major characterization happening this issue and major plot spins, twists, turns and plenty of action and revelations to really put a reader in a comic book coma, what you’ve heard of food coma’s before. Seriously this book is so hardcore good it takes multiple readings to grasp everything going on and that my friends is how to masterfully tell a story. Oh and let’s not forget Frank is giving us some of his finest work to date trying to match the intensity of Millar’s words. This book is the best of the best and best of the new period.


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