Review: Night of the Living Dead Aftermath #11


I’m actually sad that this is the second to last issue of the Aftermath run.  I’ve really been enjoying David’s work here so much and i feel like there is still more to tell but alas all good things must come to their inevitable and logical conclusions right?

Alright so the scumbag, Vanek, who brought the Vegas survivors has gone out again to lure more unsuspecting people to the base.  Of course he thinks they are going to be test subjects and that everything on the base is still A Okay but he isn’t aware of recent happenings.  Though it would be really nice if this hippie commune that he’s bringing would team up with what’s left of the Vegas folks to stage a coup and get out in one piece.  Wait this is a zombie epic there is no getting out in one piece is there oh well.

Meanwhile the government people, or should i say military personnel are going to execute the civilians i mean you can’t very well risk a leak of what’s been happening on this base or the detail of the experiments that have been conducted now can you?   I mean this is all in the greater good of the country to protect it from themselves and to ensure humanity’s legacy.  First of all making the military bad guys seem like misunderstood well intentioned folks was a stroke of genius and it really kind of works dag nabbit.

I am glad that the religious thing has been kept to a minimum and what we do see of it makes sense.  After all in this situation someone with a  tad more religion in them would jump to the conclusion that America’s sinful ways were responsible for this kind of plague among them though she’s quieted down awfully quick which was even better.

Alright so while Vanek is being confronted by soldier with orders to kill him and move the civilians away from the base the ones in lock up are hatching a scheme of their own to get out.  I love that there is action and intrigue mixed in with hordes of undead on their tail making things seem even more dire of greater importance  as the story moves along.  Not to mention there is some absolutely wonderful characterization happening that makes you almost feel sorry for those with questionable personalities as well as reinforcing the good and bad ones exponentially.

After this is all said and done I sincerely hope David finds another chapter in the Living Dead world to explore and bring to us.  He really is one hell of a talented writer and I look forward to his next project.

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For fans of the horror genre this is a must have!

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