Review: Action Comics #26


After Grant Morrison stopped writing Action Comics, it didn’t seem like the Superman stories will be as good as before. Until Greg Pak came in. That’s right the guy who is mostly known for writing marvel stories like the Hulk is now the writer for Action Comics. He also writes the Batman/Superman stories and if you think the latest issue of that series was a bit plained, then your in for a treat cause this superman story is going to grab your attention like a speeding bullet.

Like the last issue the comic Focuses on Lana Lang (Superman’s ex-girlfriend from Smallville) as well as Superman. The comic starts off as Lana (now working for a drilling company) defending herself from a giant monster. Fortunately Superman comes to save the day. But the monster isn’t what it seems. First of all it starts to have a behaviour of a dog who wants to play catch and second it somewhat starts to speak words. Which makes me think it’s a Japanese monster cause it seems like it says Baka (Japanese for idiot) a lot. Which reminds Superman of his time growing up as Clark Kent when his powers made him think he is a monster. I like how Greg can wright a good flashback to Superman which really makes you understand the character a lot better.

Unfortunately the U.S. government attacks the monster, only that was to draw Superman out for there super soldier names The Ghost Soldier to attack him. I have to say I’m not a big fan of the design of Ghost Soldier like his head for example. But he is awesome when he fights Superman. Heck this character is much more an original idea then sending a character who is just really strong or using kryptonite.

Superman does take care of the monster with Lana thinking she disappointed him. By the time all of this is over Lana and a team she put together explore the tunnel where the monster came from. Only to discover that the tunnel leads to some sort of underground temple. Meanwhile Superman is keeping an eye on the monster which is now living in the fortress of solitude. But he learns that the monster has another secret which makes him what to know more about it.

This comic is freaking awesome. Greg Pak had another story which sounded just as good for DC which was the first four issues of Batman/Superman. You’ll really like Superman as a character once you see some of his days as a child growing up in Smallville. Also we get to see more of Lana Lang which I think is a good think because we don’t see a lot (or ever) of Lana since New 52 got started. So far it seems readers are in for treat when the next few issues of Action Comics come out. Although the how underground monsters and temples are more of a Fantastic Four story which is kinda weird we don’t see any other stories do that for a long while.

The art is fantastic from seeing Aaron Kuder work in this issue. You can really tell who the characters are and what’s going on from there face expressions even if you don’t read the words. Sure there are a few hiccups here and there and one or two designs are my favourite. But I really hope he continues working on this series cause I’m really liking what I see so far.

If you are a superman fan I suggest you buy this now while you still can.

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This comic is amazing. One of the better Superman stories after Grant Morrison left the series.

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