Review: Astro City #9 – The View from the Heart


The next chapter of Astro City is here with part 3 of the 4 part story arc of Astro City’s big three team-up. This comic, like the last two issues has you sucked into the story of Samaritan, The Confessor and Winged victory team-up in a way that isn’t normally seen in Astro City as it normally focuses on characters that you wouldn’t expect see. This actually is quite interesting as this gets readers wanting to know more about these heroes and some wanting to have a spin-off series about them.

ASTRO-9-3-93694The story continues where the last issue left off as Winged Victory takes on a large group called Iron Legion who are working for the villain who is most likely behind this crisis of Winged Victory losing it all. Samaritan and the Confessor are doing the best they can to solve this while things get worst for Winged Victory. But it only deepens the mystery as things get weirder and weirder the longer they investigate. Meanwhile Joey Lacroix, the teenage boy who was introduced at the start of this  is dragged into their adventure as he might have found where the villain is hiding.

Unlike most issues of Astro City this is not a good comic to jump in. It’ll leave new readers asking questions on what is going on and who the characters are, basic things like that. Probably might get some readers interested to buy the other two or at least the next.

Like the last two issue, each one has one of the three thoughts going though each issue. First it was Winged Victory, second it was the Confessor’s, now it’s Samaritan’s turn. Which is actually cool see the thoughts of Superman like character dealing with a situation like this. It shows new readers what he’s going through and knows that he can’t help as much as he wants to. While old readers of the series will be pleased to see Samaritan have a bit more focus as they are reminded in a few things from previous issues of Astro City starring him. Although since we gone through all three heroes so far who’s next. The villain who we haven’t seen yet but heard or will there be more about Joey. Who knows until the next issue.

The writing so far in this arc is great.  We learn more about the Confessor like how he operates and how he gets things done. While it’s nice to see more of the Confessor this is still Winged Victory’s story. We see her struggling through this crisis worried that this will the people who gave her powers will take them away. But after meeting one of them gives her great moments in her development as a character. While giving her the strength and confidence she needs to handle the situation. The villain’s plot is still underway as we see this guy try new ways to take down Winged Victory. It’s a villain plot I haven’t seen before and it only just makes him that much more interesting to what he will do next. The only question I have for the guy is if he still had more plans to smear her name and stuff like that. Why bother sending henchmen to deal if it only just reveals that you were behind the whole thing? Maybe we’ll learn more in the next issue.

The art here is fantastic. Besides seeing cool designs on the characters we see that they do age in the comic. With the Confessor and Winged Victory’s secret identities as examples shows that the characters get older and older as time goes by unlike the characters in certain mainstream comics.

All in all if you have the last two issues you should definitely go and get this issue to complete this awesome story arc. If you already have this issue then I suggest to go buy the last two if you haven’t already as they fill in the blanks as you probably already seen from reading it. For some you haven’t bought any of these issues I highly suggest you go out of your way and buy them while you still can. Now all that’s left is the final issue of this four part story arc

So keep an eye for next months issue as we see the conclusion to this team-up and to see what will happen to Winged Victory once this is all over.

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Bottom Line

This is a great issue to have if you have been following the story so far. There are good moments for both Confessor and Samaritan and a great moment for Winged Victory. This is one of those times where almost everyone will love this story.

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