Review: Avengers Undercover #5 – Only Two Options


There can always be a third

Avengers Undercover #5 is where it all starts, where it really starts for these misfits. Baron Zemo has them an offer they can’t refuse. We know which choice they will make, though how they come to that decision is where the excitement comes from. Dennis Hopeless has a plan and an endgame for Avengers Undercover, with everything falling into place piece by piece. The progression is smooth considering where they find themselves.

avengersundercover5img5What Hopeless made happen with this issue specifically, is the reason any Runaways fan would want to read this issue of Avengers Undercover. You look at that cover and you see Alex Wilder, left with no reason and pick it up wondering how that comes to be. That is probably the best thing about this series. Dennis Hopeless understands these characters enough that he can drag them into this new world yet stay true to those things familiar that attach you to them. It’s hard not to when even as they’re going through so much, surprises are always right around the corner.

The character development is something which remains consistent even with this fairly large cast. Well paced with each of them pushed to decide where they go from here. As mentioned in this issue, they’re damaged goods that are open to be taken advantage of. Things are fairly straightforward in this issue, pretty much everything to this point has been. It has been all about the execution with the plot. We all came into reading Avengers Undercover aware that they would actually go undercover to infiltrate the Masters of Evil. The question then was everything that could go wrong with that plan. Some have already fallen to temptation, some have already been manipulated, and the rest are stuck trying to make the best of the situation they’re stuck in.

In terms of risks seen in the story, the one that’s hard to ignore is losing us having too much going on at once. They are in this together, though the focus on each of them as they take this dark journey can pull them in all kinds of directions.

I particularly have enjoyed the interior art seen in this issue of Avengers Undercover. Kev Walker has stepped up his game as in some panels you can see how much these young superhumans have matured. Sure the time between Arena and Undercover isn’t that big, but they aren’t kids or helpless anymore. They look the part they play now.

Avengers Undercover #5 is where anything goes from here on out. The issue ends with open-ended questions, many of which will lead them down a path of either redemption or evil. Sure that could possibly lead to some changes from these young superhumans that could be agreed or disagreed upon, but in the end they are thinking about their place in the world which counts most.

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The choices have been made and now the series starts to live up to the name.

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