Review: Batman/Superman #6


Batman/Superman is back with another chapter of the second story arc. From looking at the cover it looks like you read it vertically like a normal comic. However this issue takes the same format from the previous issue and is read horizontally across two pages.

The story starts with Batman dead (oops). You think Batman was just injured in the last issue, but yeah he’s pretty much dead. You think DC would wait a few more years before they try to kill Batman again.  But Batman comes back as more of a robot thanks to Jimmy Olsen and two other gamers who select Batman to fight more characters in what they still they’re playing a game. You think they would (especially Jimmy) figure what was going on once Mongul started taring Gotham a new one.

Superman comes in and figures everything out once he uses his super powered eyes to see that one of the video game makers is an alien and she is using nano technology to have gamers created characters to fight for real (Which explains how Batman became a robot). He gives Jimmy a scolding which convinces the gamers that everything is real and try to help stop Mongul.

Unfortunately Mongul saw this coming and gets pretty much every gamer in the world to work together as a hive mind on Batman to take down Superman. Batman’s mind slowly goes under the gamers control as his body starts to battle Superman.

This comic is slightly better then the last issue. Not much but slightly. The story gets you more interested now seeing Batman as a robot. But it kinda seems like a spoof on Earth 2’s Lois Lane. Although seeing Batman with enough power to take on Superman and being controlled by a large group of gamers is kinda exciting and can’t to see the next issue to see that fight. But this comic pretty much feels more of a Superman story then a Batman/Superman story. Pretty much all the characters from the Superman series when you think about it.

The story is still the same with Mongul’s weird plan of using gamers to conquer the world. But half way through the comic you start getting interested to see what’s going to happen next. Although I think there would be hearing jokes about the gaming community sometime soon. I do find a little silly on how stupid Jimmy and the other two gamers were that they didn’t realize that what the hell was going on.

All in all if you already started reading the story arc you might as well finish it. It will get better soon with the crossover that is coming soon.

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The comic is okay. Seeing a robot Batman is cool, but it's just like the last issue and now under the assumption that the next issue is going to be just like this one.

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