Review: The Black Bat #7


Picking up where the bomb went off, we see the destruction that it left in it’s wake. If one thing Brian Buccellato has managed to pull off in this story, it is showing the urgency of the situation to stop those who caused such a disaster. He doesn’t pull punches and this was just as much of a reminder that he doesn’t. I should emphasize that Black Bat isn’t a perfect hero, and certainly doesn’t make all the right choices when his anger gets in the way, but that is what sets him apart from other heroes out there.

Layout 1What makes this a book that draws you in is the situation that Black Bat finds himself in. Tony Quinn lost it all and became the Black Bat, devoting his life to fixing what he had a hand in helping to spread to such an extent. Now he finds himself on the other end of the law as everyone looks to point fingers. The District Attorney to be exact setting his sights on The Black Bat. He just makes that much of a scapegoat seeing as what he does is still illegal despite having good intentions.While it makes sense, it also shows that corruption that he is fighting against in general, that much Brian Buccellato makes certain of when we see the events unfold after.

I do like that we see Carol face the repercussions of her actions, there hasn’t been much face time for her and there needed to be some time set aside to gives us somewhat of a better understanding of who she is, even if just a little.

The thick colors really work for this book, especially when working with a limited amount of colors. Just one way in which this stands out as a pulp story. What stood out most was those first few pages showing the destruction and aftermath of the explosion. That and the look of despair that everyone has on their faces. Tony foremost looks absolutely at his lowest here and you know that by how empty the atmosphere is around him and there is no look of liveliness in him for this failure.

Overall a great transition from what occurred at the end of the previous issue. Black Bat proves to be able to gives us just as much action as emotion seeing how everyone is affected by this. Tony and Carol are both at their lowest point and even then they aren’t out. What we are given is a story which has shifted to one of redemption for both. To bring down the man responsible for everything gone wrong right now and you know that big things are coming from there. This is really one book you want to read if you want to see people who go all in for the sake of justice when the stakes are not in their favor. Dark, intense, and again it continues to get better with each passing issue.

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Dark, action packed, and great pacing, Black Bat has it all and is one book from Dynamite that you should be reading.

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