Review: Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #17


Once again Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps find themselves in over their heads as they infiltrate Harbinger Foundation to recover the nanites Harada had stolen from them. Proving again why this is one of those action books that you must have on your pull list. They take risks and there really is no care that any mission could very well be their last when their fight is against the very powerful psiots.

BSCORPS_017_003-640x984As the description says, this is a group of physically, mentally and emotionally damaged living weapons going into a fight they never could have imagined themselves getting tangled in and that is what makes this exciting. Going into this issue you knew that things weren’t going to be easy and surely enough they got the fight they asked for. It’s again interesting how this new batch of soldiers were chosen upon. All given opportunities worth fighting for and both Joshua Dysart and Christos Gage are able to give us a reason to care about them through their past up to this point. In this case Superstar as he shows what he’s capable of in the field. All of them pretty much do despite the inexperience.

I can only assume it is Dysart, but the best part is the consistency with refusing to hold back with how far they’d take things to get what they want. Of course thanks to Emanuela Lupacchino who captures every intense moment between Bloodshot’s fight with his nanites and Palmer taking on Harada. She has a great use of inking as well to show those dark moments. The amount of destruction left in the wake of this fight really shows what the stakes are that everyone has who is involved between Rising Spirit and the Harbinger Foundation.

This book lives up to the name of the story, this is certainly the H.A.R.D. way in terms of what they have went through here and their duty as the H.A.R.D. Corps. While there is a lot of action to find entertaining throughout, Joshua Dysart and Christos Gage are able to make this story a lot more than just that. The sense of self sacrifice seen in this issue really means a lot. These aren’t the same heroes that you’d see in X-Force or Suicide Squad who have the skill to do the impossible. They are only human as thus bring a lot more to the table when it comes to depending on each other and not letting the “job” dictate what is right and what is wrong. Just another reason why Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps is a must read from Valiant.

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Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps has had an uphill fight towards finding that point where it could establish itself as a story with direction. But surely there was no doubt it could deliver and it did. Joshua Dysart and Christos Gage gave you a reason to care about these characters and the story as you can see a clear path they will take from this point.

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