Review: The Bounce #8


The Bounce has proven to develop into a story without boundaries. It’s not easy to make it in this world having superpowers. That is what any of us would think is impossible considering every other story out there with superhero beginnings, but here Joe Casey shows how it can bring nothing but chaos to a world that doesn’t know how to handle a concept so new. Not only is the origin still unknown to those with powers and the general public, the question itself changes their lives. Joe Casey has turned this into an experience of a lifetime to those involved.

bounce08-p2-f1d6cS#!t certainly did hit the fan in a big, bad way. From the beginning as well which is why you admire the fact that this book strives to be something more mature. The idea that having such heroes as The Bounce in a world like this would easily equal a safer world, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. This book tends to be real with the realization that people with powers can only bring about a rise in crime and discord. That alone adds to the portrayal of a world where there are real consequences for your actions. Realism is what is making this a well constructed plot. Now with that said, there also is a good balance between the real world and the world of origin where these powers came from. The Bounce’s grip on this reality is getting looser as time progresses and that struggle to make sense of both gives us more clarity as to the questions that have been posed since the start.

With Darling ready to put his plans into motion, you do tell yourself that it is about time. It is the one point in this story that has the most mystery surrounding it. He knows what’s really going on and a lot of suspense has been building up in terms of his end game. It’s obviously going to be something big considering who he may be talking to on the other side that is pulling the strings.

The layout of this issue has been unique in terms of the way that the panels are organized. Overlapping and having a great use of space to make this more appealing visually. Other than that David Messina’s style remains astounding with his use of soft colors, bold colors, color variations and highlight bringing this story to life through both worlds.

This issue has definitely made some progress transitioning from how the last issue ended. The only problem that comes out of this issue is that while you find some clarity, you are left again wondering what Jasper will do next. We know he seeks answers, though his lack of direction can be somewhat puzzling at this point. In the end you see that this story is slowly reaching it’s climax. You can question the intentions though have faith that everything will make sense in the grand scheme with the note that this issue ends on. It is an interesting way that this issue ended.

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You may still have questions, but there is clear progression that Joe Casey is building towards.

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