Review: Captain Ultimate #4 Halloween Spooktacular!


A good all – ages should be able to live up to its label and cater to all ages. Captain Ultimate is one of those that actually does this. I read almost no all-ages comics. For a long time I thought they were only for kids, but as I read more of them, I’m discovering that the good ones can get adults on board. Captain Ultimate is not only something I’d give to a kid to read but something I am actually going to make a point buying every month.

cap ultimateThis issue is a really nice Halloween story that took me back to when I was a kid. The Pumpkills are a punk rock band with a bad attitude and this Halloween they want to go trick or treating but of course, unlike normal trick or treaters they want to just steal everyone else’s candy. Meanwhile, our heroes Milo and Captain Ultimate are getting ready to go trick or treating with Ulti Mutt and Cap has the best costume ever. A nice send up of Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent. The DC geek in me loves that this whole issue has jokes about the silliness of Superman’s disguise.

Cap and Milo have to jump into action when the dastardly Pumpkills come into the neighborhood and cause a scene and steal candy from the other kids. Milo takes the lead here and helps the neighborhood against the Pumpkills and saves Halloween but sadly loses his candy in the process. But the lesson here kids is that being a hero is what matters most.

I think this a great comic. It isn’t something you compare to Saga or Batman but it is really a fun read. Who, as a little kid, didn’t want to be a superhero? I know I did. Milo not only gets to save the neighborhood but also gets to hang out with a superhero all the time, but he’s exactly like all the old school WWF wrestlers you used to watch (wink wink). If you’re looking for a fun comic that will de stress you and give you a good laugh then this is something I suggest you download.

The art here is really freaking good. It takes me back to the cartoons I watched as a kid. It fits the story so well and as an artist it is really important to do that with a writer. Boykoesh does great work here and I hope to see him do more in the future.

My only drawback with this comic is that as someone who love print comics I’d prefer to have this physically. Not only is it more convenient for me since I’m pretty much one of 10 people left who don’t own a smartphone or tablet, but I’d also like to share it with people I think would enjoy this series a lot.

Fun Fact: If I started a punk rock band I’d very much like to use the name Pumpkills but we’d wear Jack ‘O Lanterns on our heads and constantly sing about the difficulties of being pumpkins.

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Captain Ultimate is a fun all - ages book that this cynic can get on board with.

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