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Deathmatch has been one heck of a roller-coaster of emotions, but now it comes to an end. Paul Jenkins delivered on an ending to this issue that made everything you questioned and felt worth it. Last issue we find out that things were never as they seemed, and even then you feel like it was the very twist that changed your perception of the entire storyline. Anti-Meridian dead, and yet the battle still goes on. As the two heroes left standing wage war for the fate of the universe, you are left torn wondering how this will end, who you want to survive, and that alone is the kick in the butt you need to feel that much more drawn into this story.

Deathmatch_12_preview_Page_3There is just so much to this story and what you admire about Paul Jenkins writing is that it’s all believable in the world which he has created. I mean so much thought obviously has gone into this intricate plot that it’s hard for you to question the method to this madness. From the very start of this book you would have guessed that you knew how this book would end or that it was predictable. Then at every turn you are left with more questions than answers to just what is going on. The threat was real, the urgency was real, and the characters are very much real. Getting to the art which not only captured every moment, it was just as detailed as the story. Carlos Magno’s sketchy style really is best for a story that is so action oriented. One thing that I never quite touched upon was the environments that he makes so convincing even knowing that they are just projections. Nothing did he forget to touch up on and that alone is why this was so visually appealing.

He didn’t just toss them all to their deaths as if their lives were meaningless. I could easily say hero or villain I felt some sort of sympathy for each of them as they faced their own mortality and death. Living in that prison in fear, having no way out that hasn’t already been calculated by Manchurian. Sable and Benny embodied what the others didn’t have. To the core they were heroes and even then it didn’t matter. Didn’t change them, but they stayed true to who they were from the very moment they stepped into that arena, to the very end. The emotional drive between the two made the outcome weigh heavier than you would have thought. That narration from Sable near the end of the story, I could have easily said a tear came down my eye because not only is she a real hero, but that reflects upon Jenkins’ understanding of them as well.

With the conclusion to this vaunted superhero maxiseries, you have to feel very impressed with what Paul Jenkins accomplished. Between the fights and them trying to figure out the situation they’re in you find yourself really pulled into this story. Normally you’d expect spectacle over substance in a book like this though Jenkins manages to take advantage of both. Whatever comes next is worthy of keeping your investment in this story. If you are not invested yet, this is one book that you should pick up and see for yourself just how different it is from those like it.

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If you are not invested yet, this is one book that you should pick up and see for yourself just how different it is from those like it. Deathmatch #12 is the best possible ending you could have been given for this story.

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