Review: Eternal Warrior #4


Eternal Warrior is that one book that you need to drop everything and pick up if your are not reading it already. Not only is this story one that delivers on the thrill of a good fight, but there are emotions running deep that make it such a powerful tale. Seeing how Gilad went from this accepting warrior of what the Earth Goddess wanted from him to this angered vengeful man who wants nothing more than to kill the gods in order to put an end to the violence. Such a conflict of interest and emotions that keeps you on your feet as to what will happen next when you turn on forces greater than yourself.

EW_004_004-640x984In this issue we see the impact of learning that Mitu is the servant of Death. Something that shocked everyone as they really thought he was dead and considering everything you see from the flashbacks you can understand how he ended up falling down this path. Greg Pak really understand the characters here and knows what buttons to push in order to draw you in. They aren’t the perfect family and that is emphasized throughout and that regret is what drives Gilad to do what he does now. You also get an idea as to what drives Xaran down her path as well considering how she turned out growing up. Relentless and unforgiven till she finally learns what Gilad thought was lost on her all those years. That understanding really makes this unique because this is father and daughter basically going on a suicide mission, and they are aware of exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

Greg Pak has a good handle of shifting between the past and present. It’s the first thing you notice when you first pick up this book and it is the one constant that remains to this point. There’s so much manipulation within his family tugging at their sanity knowing that as the past becomes more clear to them, they know that they are but tools in the eyes of entities who only want from them to obey their commands. With this said, the style that changes between past and present again stands out. Not to the extent of the first issue, but there are some differences between the color scheme and penciling which is more fine in the present.

Excellent issue that gives us a taste of what is in store for us, Gilad, and Xaran. They have taken the fight to Earth itself and now they must face down the legion of swords at her command. You read this to see just how two of history’s most feared warriors can survive the divine wrath that they have wrought. The intensity continues to pick up here and that is something that goes hand in hand with this type of story. Bad things are to come and bloodshed is all but inevitable considering how events are unfolding. This is one book you don’t want to miss out on if you like a book that keeps you at the edge of your seat. The end of this issue surely will and what comes next is worth waiting for.

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This is a tale of action and vengeance that takes you on an adventure that only gets better as it progresses. You read this and want to see what Gilad and Xaran will do next to take back what they sacrificed to the gods, carnage and all.

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