Review: Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3


There really is something about this book that is more than just them being rebels. You see that Brian Buccellato looks further than just letting Forever Evil influence their actions with each other or the rest of the world. Yes the Crime Syndicate has them on the run for defying them, but that hasn’t changed who they are at the core. In this issue you are able to see past the fact that they are lowly villains, Forever Evil was just the means to be able to have that opportunity to explore their characters.

Forever Evil - Rogues Rebellion (2013-) 003-004There may not be as much action in this issue than the previous, but it shows that Buccellato is definitely more interested in creating a story rather than the next cash grab off of a tie-in. Rogues Rebellion stands on it’s own as one that sets them on their own journey, with their encounters giving you a better understanding as to what this world has to offer those who have pledged their loyalty to the Crime Syndicate when they did not. As Mick said, this is a new world and with it comes a new set of rules that they have to be aware of as rogue villains to survive. You don’t know what to expect from those they encounter and that brings about that sense of wonder as to what will happen next as they try to make their way back to Central City.

The little bit of insight into Weather Wizard’s mind I think made this issue much better than it could have been. Its too easy to ignore a character like him and put him off to the side, but here you get a better idea of where he stands in this conflict. Even if just a little insight that is enough to care about what happens to him as the rest of the team.

With art changed over to Scott Hepburn, he brings about a lot more quality to this book visually. He really puts detail into what he draws between the characters and the settings. The beginning did seem a bit off, though luckily that was fixed fairly quick by page 4.

The Rogues way seems to be the best way. If you were a fan of Superior Foes of Spider-Man, this book has definitely progressed in a similar fashion that brings about that same quality in writing. There is a bond with this team that you have to appreciate is taken some time to flesh out. Under these circumstances you’d expect them to fall apart. It would be predictable for them to and yet Buccellato completely avoids that cliche which could have easily made you lose interest with this story. This once again is a book you should definitely pick up if you want a book that takes of the opportunities Forever Evil has opened up in terms of storytelling.

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Rogues Rebellion continues to set itself apart from other stories tied in to Forever Evil caring its own path from it and taking advantage of the story that can be produced from it.

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