Review: Godzilla Rulers of Earth#5


Let me start this off by first saying I am a HUGE Godzilla fan, and this series has been one of, if not my favorite Godzilla comic so far. It truly ranks high up there with the best of what IDW does, and whenever this series ends it might turn out to surpass the rest.
This issue picks up right where issue four ended with the appearance of the monster Varan, who by the way first appeared in his own movie title Varan the Unbelievable in 1958. Varan wreaks havoc on the Huaren Reservoir in China while chasing the team of Megazoologists until they happened to be rescued by the Chinese army. As they approach the base, Rodan arrives on the scene and proceeds to engage in battle with Varan. Due to the Kaiju battling on the surface the base crumbles, forcing the team proceed deeper and deeper into the base for safety. A midst all the chaos one of the members Lucy is separated from the rest of the group and knocked unconscious, when she awakens she stumbles upon a secret area containing a Kaiju. As it turns out this particular Kaiju is Gaira, one of two monsters that were first introduced in the film War of the Gargantuas. The issue comes to a close with a sighting of Sanda the other Gargantua, as well as with word on Godzilla moving towards Las Vegas.

While this issue might not have some of the more big named Kaiju like previous issues, even the King himself doesn’t pop up untill the last couple pages. But let me tell you that doesn’t hurt this issue one bit. The fights between these monsters are very dynamic and drawn amazingly. I love how you can tell that the people behind this series have a real love for these monsters and their history. Right down to the little nods they pit in be it on the covers themselves, the way characters happen to reference the movies, and even how these creatures themselves are drawn with all the detail put into them. One of my complaints with this issue has to be with how the humans are drawn and that they aren’t always consistently drawn especially in the faces.
In closing I’d like to say that this issue is awesome but not without it’s flaws. I honestly think that if IDW ever decides to have a Godzilla series that’s ongoing for more than a year, the first place they should look is Godzilla Rulers of the Earth.

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Any fan of the King of the Monsters owes it to themselves to check out this issue, to those who haven't go back and read the rest and catch up.

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