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Welcome to what will probably be the meanest review I’ve ever written. I hate the Infinity event. I think it is worse than Fear Itself and that was not a great event series. I’m not knocking Jonathan Hickman as a writer as a whole, because I really did enjoy his Fantastic Four run. I’m basing my review solely on this series and this issue alone.

*spoilers within*

Infinity #5 begins right after the events of issue #4 and after Thor kills one of the Builders.In this issue there is a lot of fighting on both Earth and in space near and on Hala. The Avengers and allies have won the fight against the Builders when Hulk kills the last of the Alephs. Ebony Maw has finally captured Thane for Thanos. Back on Earth, Thanos has captured Black Bolt and is keeping him alive solely to get information from him. This issue is all fighting except for these few parts. In typical “Infinity” fashion, there is a lot of narration about what is happening. At the end, Captain America and the rest of the Avengers are told that Earth has fallen and we see Wakanda attacked.

INFINITY2013005008_colSigh….I really hate Infinity. I think the best way to give you my reasons is to compare it to what others who liked it have said. One of the most common praises I see this book get is that it is detailed and smart, compared to other books. I have no problem with that. I think comics have the ability to be smart and to be high brow and detailed and be taken seriously as literature. This series however, is not the place to do it. I think what Jonathan Hickman has done here is interesting but should not have been where he did it.

I personally believe that big event books, the ones that are publicized EVERYWHERE, to EVERYONE, in every reach of fandom, should be this difficult to follow without tie ins. Marvel want new readers right? Marvel has internet ads on sites that don’t even do comic reviews or have comic news but the series is far too much for a new reader to follow. I ended up having to rush read all of the Avengers and Secret Avengers just to figure out why the Avengers are fighting the Builders. I don’t think you should be required to read so much to read event books. I think event books should be used to gather new readers by giving them something they can jump on to with ease. Look at Battle of the Atom. Sure it petered out at the end but it was something that anyone would grab and start reading without being totally confused. Constantly renumbering books each year is a terrible way to get new readers because for us long time readers, you are taking the collection value out and you are fixing things that aren’t broken.

Back to Infinity itself. I still think the reason the Avengers are all OFF EARTH to fight the Builders is total hogwash when Thanos is on Earth destroying everything. Literally. Thanos has destroyed Earth. He’s decimated New York, no thanks to Black Bolt, all over wanting his son and the Avengers are off saving other planets that aren’t our concern. The Avengers are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and they aren’t even on Earth until next issue (I assume cause that’s where they’re headed after they find out Earth is messed up bad). Why have cosmic characters like Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy if you don’t use them to handle cosmic issues? It makes no sense to me. Why do all of these other civilizations need our help? Half the time they’re trying to destroy Earth and now we’re helping them? I don’t understand this.

The Avengers are totally out of their element here. I do not usually look for logic flaws in superhero comics. I take most of them for what they are. Good fun and good ass kicking. I think this idea of an Avengers World is moot when they aren’t even on Earth to defend it from Thanos. They knew he was coming yet they went off to space to fight bad guys who were destroying planets that had nothing to do with us. It makes no sense what so ever. The Avengers are responsible for Earth getting destroyed. Now they’re coming back with buddies?? How does that make it better? I also think this whole thing with Thanos is ridiculous. Thanos has done some crazy things but going planet to planet killing everything and everyone he can, all to get his son seems a bit much. It almost makes it so if he dies in this series, he can never ever come back because of how grand all this destruction is.

I have no problem with long sagas or sci fi. I love it. It pleases the longtime reader but this series is a mess and should not be called an event book. It is complicated, a complete mess, has horrible characterization and requires you to read far too many back issues in order to read it. Stop calling this an event book Marvel because it isn’t.

The only thing that saves this comic from getting a complete 0 is that the covers and the interiors have been wonderful to look at. I think I continue to read this because I enjoy a good train wreck. Want to read something cosmic that’s good then please do yourself a favor and read Guardians of the Galaxy. I’ll jump back on board with the Avengers when they start having adventures that actually make sense for them to have.

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