Review: Justice League 3000 #3 – The Dark Age


The newest issue of Justice League 3000 hits the shelves this week but unlike the last issue, this one picks up immediately where the last one left off. With the team horribly defeated, one killed and the other kidnapped by the new villain Locas.  I know there are some readers who don’t like this series as isn’t the Justice League we are familiar. But I like this, as these are guys who are always changing issue per issue. It shows a different side to them that I would never thought of seeing.


The comic starts with three of our characters (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) stuck on the prison planet Takron-Galtos (TG for short). They explore the over polluted city they come across to find a way off the planet. Meanwhile Green Lantern is hold captive by Locus who’s trying to make him her boyfriend. As you can guess it’s not going well for either of them and will probably see more in the next issue.

This comic might be a bit slow as there is hardly any action in the comic as you would guess. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad comic. The writing for our three characters (who are the main focus of this issue) is great. The dialogue that is bouncing off these character is hilarious when we see when we have Superman who is full of himself and Batman, who doesn’t want to be Batman. But even with the hilarious dialogue we see that even if these guys aren’t the same ones we remembered they’re still them. Even if not all of them is there.

The villain Locus is still an interesting character as we see that she is all powerful but still acts like a teenager which is actually can be frighting to if you ever meet someone like that in person. I wish we saw more her in the comic. But I think we’ll see more in the next issue if the cover is telling us what’s going on. We do get to learn more about the villains of this series called the Five. Which really just establishes that they’re evil, don’t trust each other and what to rule the universe. Which is kinda a disappointment to me as I was hoping to see some of them and learn why they do what they do. Which we never see.

The art here is great. I’m loving Howard Porter’s art here as we see not just cool designs and great poses with these characters. Personally I like Green Lantern’s design when he doesn’t have his cloak on. I was wondering what he looked like when he doesn’t have it on. The design for Takron-Galtos is interesting. Not what I expect for a prison planet or how some of the characters describe the place. But after learning what this planet used to be actually makes a lot more sense and hope to see of the planet in later issues.

All in all this was an interesting read. For some you might be interested in buying this comic I suggest you go buy last month’s issue if you can. That will probably help fill in a few things in the story for you and make you enjoy the story more. I still have a few questions about these guys like where they come from as the writer is telling everyone that they are not clones. Which I hope they get answered as the series continues.

Lets see what happens next in the months to come if Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman can get off Takron-Galtos, If Green Lantern can escape Locas and see if death is just a revolving door in this series.

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This issue is okay to have. There is some new stuff that might be brought back in for future stories. Also you see the characters are changing into the heroes they try to be more and more in this issue.

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