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First issues have always drawn me in (pardon the pun). Since I was a boy it has been about discovering the unknown. The anticipation over what I would find in the drugstore comic racks, or on the bookstore shelves – never knowing what might be there waiting for me…

I was on the hunt for something new and exciting then, and I still am today.Capturelc
An adventure is exactly what we get with the first issue of Manifest Destiny, written by Chris Dingess (Being Human) and penciled by Matthew Roberts.

It’s a tall order to develop a story, establish characters and set the pace for a series, all in 24 pages, but Manifest Destiny #1 does a great job with all of the above. We are brought into the strange world of early 19th century explorers Lewis and Clark, their volunteer army, and a few questionable mercenaries as they set out to clear the way for the expansion of the United States. Lewis and Clark record encounters with new creatures and larger than life plant formations, while also maintaining civility among their crew of misfits (or at least keeping them from killing each other).

So WHAT is the draw here with a mostly forgotten historical re-telling of an early 1800’s expedition across the Americas?
BIG things…Capturelc2                                    exotic life forms…Capturelc3
and oh yeah, exploding black powder pistols. Capture

The story has a steady pace, laying the groundwork for future installments. However, what I liked the best is the unknown, and what lies ahead. They fully expect to encounter and battle monsters along their way, and while I will not be a spoiler, I will say we get a taste of what is out there in the woods. I am anxious to see what happens when this creative team is given a chance to unleash the strange and dangerous beasts that even Lewis and Clark themselves could not have seen coming.
I am not really a history buff, I’m not familiar with Chris Dingess’ work in ‘Being Human’, and I’m not sure I’ve seen the art of Matthew Roberts before either. I wouldn’t be doing you, the reader, any favors if I opened this issue up any further in a review. Go pick up this issue, and see for yourself. It’s well worth a read.
Trust me. If I didn’t think it was, I’d say so.

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This book is probably unlike anything you've read recently. It's a fresh break from the current trends in comics, and a welcome one.

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