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The Mocking Dead series has literally been one of my favorite series I’ve ever read so far on Dynamite Comics.  I enjoy the comedy, actions, and nerdy reference that is put into 20 through 30 pages each issue.  In the last issue, we got to see Aaron and Vanessa get into a massive argument over their past.

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We also got to see the comic genius of Aaron meeting up with a new character by the name of Gardner Steve; who has a striking resemblance of Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series.   In this issue, we still get the comedy, some action and the introduction of a new character and another character with a striking resemblance from a TV hit show.

The issue opens up, with Aaron and Vanessa looking for Mr. Perry’s place in order to find   a rare copy of the mocking dead movie.  Gardiner Steve joins the long journey, and helps them find Mr. Perry’s house.  Once they reach to Mr. Perry’s house, it was hard to get in. Until, Gardner Steve helped them to sneak in, due to the fact he does is gardening at his place.  Once they got in, here he was the great Mr. Perry one original cast member of the film the mocking dead; with his maid Rosalita who had a striking resemblance of Consuela from the hit TV show Family Guy.  The character of Mr. Perry, was a character that we can all seen before in the media (no spoiler), here a hint … third-party.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.53.57 AMNow during Mr. Perry’s argument with Aaron and Vanessa local neighbors distracted Mr. Perry while Aaron, Vanessa, and partner Steve went into his mansion with the help of our sweet Rosalita.  The moments of Mr. Perry and Rosalita were the best in this issue; including the one of Mr. Perry doing his remarkable third-party view speech to his neighbors.  In the meantime, Aaron, Vanessa, and Gardner Steve were on the lookout for looking the rare copy of the mocking dead series. There was one moment and the issue, which was literally my laugh out loud moment of the page.  It was an infomercial that went along with the issue.  Towards the end, Aaron, Vanessa, and Gardner Steve do find the rare copy of the mocking dead just to figure out a surprising twist.  That will not be mentioned here due to spoilers.Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.51.06 AM

As always, The Mocking Dead delivers with writing that can make anyone laugh and very detailed art to see expressions of the characters that you are reading.  Yes, there were not much action and was not a really amazing issue but it was a good one that anyone can enjoy.  Were just about in the end of this very well done series and I’m really not sure how it’s going to end, but I do have faith in Fred Van Lente will do a great job and I’m never worried about Max Dunbar’s art because is always spot on.  It could be a bittersweet feeling reading the last issue, but I’m ready … are you?  Stay tuned next month/new year to check out our review of the last and final issue of Mocking Dead  #5 here at Geeked Out Nation.

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"It's going to be a very bittersweet feeling, when this series ends but damn it I'm ready to see where this Roller coaster of zombie comedy enjoyment ends ! "

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