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WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!!! I’m starting to get a little upset that our cast is starting to drop like flies and some of this needs to be explained. We lost Zoe and now we lost Hisao?? Last issue had a neat little twist but this is just a whole new level of twisting. Twins are always complicated I guess. So once again I highly suggest you read this comic because the only way to properly review this is to drop some spoilers and speculate some theories. You can read this series digitally, buy single issues or buy the trades or deluxe hardcovers. You won’t regret it.

Alright so what I want to start with is a little bit of an explanation about twins Jun and Hisao. This is a little complicated so stick with me here. Jun and Hisao are Japanese twins who were separated because of Morning Glories Academy. Ms. Daramount tells their mother that Hisao is wanted for the school but Jun is not. Their mother doesn’t want them split up and refuses them so Gribbs kills her. Jun then switches places with Hisao to protect him. Jun goes to the school under the name Hisao and Hisao ends up at Abraham’s school but uses the name Jun when he eventually gets to the MGA.

Screenshot_4Hisao (the real one) is gay and had a very cute moment with Guillaume when he left for the MGA. As he was leaving Guillaume ran to Hisao and gave him a kiss and then knocked him to the ground. During the Truants. arc, they met again and slept together. It was pretty awesome that someone besides Ike got laid. This issue follows the same pattern previous issues have. Nick Spencer is doing great work here catching up with our main characters after the events in the forest. It keeps the action going while keeping us focused. The every two week shipping is also helping out big time with keeping all this straight. Also it’s more Morning Glories a month. Can’t go wrong with that.


So this issue Guillaume is finally let back into the dormitories and back to classes after the events in Truants. He gets roomed with Ike, Hunter and Hisao. Hisao sees Guillaume and immediately runs out of the room. We get to see a flashback with Lara and Hisao. She meets him on an empty office floor in a building in Japan. Turns out Hisao told her who he really was and that he was who was wanted for the school and that now he wants to go there. She wants something in return. She slips him a piece of paper with a name on it of a girl that she wants info on. He bargains for his brother Jun to be released.

Meanwhile at school Guillaume is still trying to talk to Hisao. He is dodging him completely to the point he asks to go to the nurse. We all know that is not the place you want to be. You would be safer in a tub full of lemon juice and razor blades. Hisao ends up going to the gym to work out whatever is going on in his head. Guillaume remembers the kind of fighting they used to do as kids and tells him they don’t have to talk, they can fight. When Hisao is on the ground he blurts out that he is not Hisao, he’s JUN! WHAT..JUST…HAPPENED?!

Turns out, the night they were in the temple, Hisao held his brother Jun as he was dying and he remembered who he was. He told Hisao that it was never too late and when the white light hit Hisao screamed to take him and not Jun. When the light was gone, Jun was alive and Hisao was dead. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!! Whatever Casey and Hunter did that night messed things up. Casey can’t remember anything, we have no clue what it is that Hunter can do, and now Hisao is dead. I liked Hisao. I was really hoping that in all this darkness that maybe one couple would make it.

Also Ike had the best line he’s had in a while. When Hunter tells him that Guillaume and Hisao are gay, he says “why is our room not cleaner”. I love Ike and there was not nearly enough of him. Still holding on to hope that he’s not the Headmaster and that next issue we get a little more Ike. I need my Ike fix!

As always the artwork is amazing and great to look at. The cover is another gem. My only downside, which is always the problem with this series, is it always feels too short. That is a good and bad thing. Good thing because that’s how well written this series is that I complain I don’t have more to read and bad because I don’t have more to read.

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Massive twist about a character and even more questions asked about what exactly happened that night in the woods with Hunter

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